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16 Best Water Toys for Kids That Adults Can Enjoy Too in the Summer

Summer time is here to stay, stock up your home with fun water toys that are not only going to engage the kids but entertain the adults also. Engage with your kids in some cool water activities and motivate them to play outside instead of watching TV and Computers all the time. Beat the heat by checking out our picks of 15 best water toys for kids for the summer that adults can enjoy too.

1 – Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool

These inflatable kiddie pools are the life saver for the kids and adults in summer. Get the perfect size kiddie pool for your kids and set it in your backyard for unlimited water fun. They are good enough for the toddlers and preschoolers; even adults can enjoy a splash in them. Inflatable kiddie pools are easy to store in an offseason. But don’t ever leave your child unattended in kiddie pools even at home; always accompany them while they are in the pool.

2 – Inflatable Water Slides

Let your kids slide in the water to cool off during the hot summer day. Set an inflatable water slide in your backyard and have a blast with your kids. Easy to inflate and deflate with durable material, these water slides are available in various sizes and designs. Some are even available with sprinkling water for creating more fun and thrill for the kids.

3 – Super Soaker Water Gun

Kids just love water guns; this is a must-have toy for every kid. Watch them have a blast while soaking each other with water guns. Water guns come with a water drum that fills with water, and when you trigger the gun, it shoots water. They are available in various sizes, designs, and colors but don’t buy a powerful water gun for small kids they may get hurt by the force of water. Even the older kids should be told not to point at the eyes and other sensitive body parts.

4 – Green Toy Seaplane

Green Toy Seaplane

Enrich their experience of pool play by getting them ‘Green Toy Seaplane’, whether flying in the air or landing in the pool this seaplane, is perfect to ignite their imagination. Featuring a spinning propeller, easy to grasp body, and a large pontoon makes it real fun to play with for both kids and grownups. Made with 100% recycled material this seaplane is worth to invest for the good earth.

5 – Water Flutes

Water Flutes

Make pool time musical by giving them water flutes. A great toy to teach music while playing in the pool. Kids can experiment with music and learn to play different tunes. Water flutes can be filled with various amounts of water to make different notes. Even grownups can enjoy the water flutes and play songs for their kids.

6 – Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

A perfect water toy for toddlers. Bring home this sprinkle and splash play mat and introduce water fun to the smaller members of the family. Set it in the backyard or any flat surface and fill the outer ring of the mat with water, now enjoy the gentle water spray from the pinholes of the border. Kids will sit in the center and enjoy the fountains that will fill the mat with enough water to splash in a safe environment. Adults can also enjoy if they want to cool off in hot summer day.

7 – Water Table for Kids

Water Table for Kids

The water table is like a small water activity center for the kids; they can play for hours and enjoy various activities like – sinking and floating the objects in the water table and sliding their small toys. Water tables are available with different accessories like a funnel, water wheel, boats and cups to explore the water functions. Adults can join and teach water properties using this toy in a very visual manner.

8 – Water Blob or Water Beds

Water Blob or Water Beds

Water Blob or Water Bed – say what you want, offers great sensory water experience to the kids. Look for durable material and attractive see through design for a mess-free play time with your kids. Water Blob also works during rainy days when kids are stuck at home and want to play some indoor water games. You can sprinkle some water on the Blob for some crazy fun. Kids can slide, jump and splash water while playing on the Water Blob.

9 – Flower Sprinkler

Flower Sprinkler

This Flower Sprinkler can keep kids cool and entertained for hours. Connect this sprinkler with your garden hose and enjoy the cool water sprinkles with kids. This beautiful looking Flower Sprinkler will thrill the kids to get wet and water your garden’s grass and plants. Adults can also enjoy some refreshing shower on the lawn with this toy.

10 – Beach Ball

Beach Ball

No pool party can be complete without these beautiful beach balls. They come in many size and color and a stunning addition to your pool. Kids will enjoy playing with these bouncy beach balls when they are in the water. It’s a perfect water toy for both kids and adults, use them to play passing the pass, hit the ball and water volleyball. Let the kids use their imagination while playing with beach ball; they might come up with innovative ideas to use the beach ball.

11 – Sublime UFO Pool Float Squirter

Sublime UFO Pool Float Squirter

A perfect water toy for adventure seeking kids, UFO Pool Float Squirter is a rocking float chair in the pool, equipped with a water gun. Kids can experience out of the world water fun with this floating chair and hit the imaginary aliens with their gun. An inbuilt squirter ensures the endless water supply to the gun and fun will be unlimited.

12 – Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

A fun water toy for all the age groups, pool noodles are highly versatile and used in a lot of ways. They are soft floating foam noodles. They work as a swim aid and provide extra buoyancy when in water. Make obstacle course game for the kids or make a pool noodle ring and motivate them to swim. It is always fun to have some colorful pool noodles when you are in the pool.

13 – Sink and Scoop Catch Game

Sink and Scoop Catch Game

When your kids get bored during a hot summer day, give them the sink and scoop catch game. They will sink the objects in the water and then try to catch them with a net racquet. Use the kiddie pool or water table for this game to sink the objects and let the kids scoop out all the objects with a net racquet. A fantastic game kids can play with their friends and even parents.

14 – Pool Toypedo

Pool Toypedo

For advanced swimmers, Pool Toypedo works as a challenge to swim fast in the deep and catch them as they settle in the bottom of the swimming pool. These sparkly and bright Toypedo are easy to spot and glides up to 30 feet under the water. Its hydrodynamic design works on submarine principles. A must have pool toy for kids and adults to empower their swimming practice with lots of fun.

15 – Pool Hydrovers

Pool Hydrovers

Pools Hydrovers are built to run on land and water; this battery operated truck is a real action packed fun for kids. Kickstart the fun into overdrive with these monster trucks on land and water. Kids can launch them into the water from the slides and Hydrovers will run on the surface of the pool while spinning and twirling. Pool Hydrovers used on water and land, good for those who love to play with boats, cars and trucks.

16 – Amphibious Car

Amphibious Car

This vehicle is suitable for anyone seeking a twist on traditional boating or towing. Powered by a 300-hp Honda engine, it functions similar to a regular four-speed car on soil, achieving up to 80 mph on the street. When it’s time for you to hit the water, the integrated hydraulic wheel retraction system elevates the wheels above the bottom of the hull and redirects the engine’s power to a Panther pump jet. On the water, this car is capable of reaching 44 mph. The steering wheel regulates the vectored thrust of the pump jet for comfortable driving on water, and it’s filled with 32’-cubic of US Coast Guard-approved closed-cell foam for highest buoyancy. The sturdy, fiberglass hull and body absorbs bumps, and its 26-gallon gas tank provides a 160-mile range.

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