20 proofs that having kids is fun. - Kid 101

20 proofs that having kids is fun.

All children are sometimes naughty, but they do it sincerely, and from the bottom of their heart. Even when they paint blue paint on your white carpet or get dirty in mud they do it, while learning about the world. They do it in an eye blink and without a moments hesitation about the consequences.

Kid 101 suggests that you should smile and laugh and not get upset and yell at the little naughty things that your kids do.

Sweet dreams after a rough weekend

My first tattoo.

Everyone to the table, I got the dishes

Impressionism is very delicate

Not my size yet… That’s fine.

In the house.

“You haven’t seen you bedroom yet!”

Mr. Kiss

– Pinky, where are you? I am looking all over for you.

Batman, the beginning!

It tastes better form the table.

Morning doesn’t start with coffee.

I just wanted to walk the hen.

You ¬†told me, it’s time to potty train!

Mom, five more minutes.

The bubble hangout.

Mom, better not to wash the floors.

What do you think, he won’t notice?

Yes, they taste good. All of them.

I washed everything. Bring the next load.

Shopping is my thing.

Hmmm, mom, the leprechaun stopped by.


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