23 "Cruel" April Fool’s Day Pranks. Operation - "Get Shorty". - Kid 101

23 “Cruel” April Fool’s Day Pranks. Operation – “Get Shorty”.

The fact that you have grown up, doesn’t mean that you have to always act like an adult. Some of these April Fools’ Day jokes can be a little “harsh”, but they are completely safe and naive, so the laughter in the house is guaranteed!

Use this April 1st to get even with your kids. If you want complete experience, make sure to turn on the camera and record their reaction, you will be watching this video over and over for years to come. It will be priceless! Here are the ideas:

1. Serve them melted cheese for dessert instead of peanut butter.

Your kids for sure will not to be mad at you after they taste this.

2 .Put in the fruit cup mashed potatoes instead of ice cream.

Act like the best parent in the world by serving a “fruit salad” for a dinner.


3. Confuse your kid on the way to school

Put an inscription on your car: “Blow, wave and shout!” When everyone starts to wave and honk, the child will get confused and wont  understand what is happening. When they figure the joke, it will be funny.


4. Freeze the cereals that your kids eat for breakfast

Leave a bowl of their favorite cereal in the freezer overnight, and then in the morning watch how your child will try to break the frozen milk with a spoon.

5. Fill the shoes of your kid’s with toilet paper

This can be funnier if the first thing you mention to your kid in the morning is that his feet look bigger than last night.

6. Stitch the middle in socks of your kids

7. Put the sign “for sale” in your backyard

If you want to take this joke to a higher level, when the kids ask where you are moving, say: To Alaska!


8. Tell to kid that the principal of his school called

Use your best acting skills and tell kids the list of things that principal have complained about.


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