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7 Hilarious Ways American Moms Have Rocked The Elf on a Shelf®

Instagram and Snapchat are full of pictures from moms who really know how to put the fun (and funny) into the holiday season.   If you haven’t got on board with this annual tradition, it’s a great way to involve the whole family, as you count down to December festivities.

The game plan is simple; buy one of the licensed elves (they are available in male or female versions) and read the book with your kids, before starting.  The charming story was written by a mother and daughter team, Carol Aebersold and Chandra Bell and published in 2005. The colorful holiday-themed story is written in rhyme, and it explains how Santa Claus sends ‘scout elves’ to homes from Thanksgiving to Christmas, to help him figure out who is ‘naughty or nice’.

Since then, The Elf on a Shelf® has gone viral, as a fun way to count the days before the holiday season, and enjoy some family fun.

The Rules

Everyone knows that elves are mischievous!  So, every morning, parents wake up early to place the elf in a funny situation, to inspire imagination and excitement for kids.  The real creativity is credited to parents around the world, who share pictures of their scout elf daily on social media, using the hashtag #elfonashelf.

There are some basic rules for caring for your scout elf, according to the book:

  • The elf gets his or her power, by being named and loved by a child.
  • Children cannot touch the elf, or it will lose its magic and disappear, without reporting directly back to Santa Clause.
  • Children can read their letter to Santa Clause with the elf, to make sure their holiday wishes come true.

Looking for unique ideas to share with your family, and get children involved in the count-down to the holiday? Try some of these at home, get in on the fun, and make it an annual family tradition your kids will look forward to.

  1. Just because you are less than twelve inches tall, and you’ve traveled a long way from the North Pole, doesn’t mean you should give up your daily workout.  This elf was caught in the act on the kitchen counter, doing his reps.

Photo source: www.brit.co

  1. One elf is bad enough, but two is twice the trouble! If you have a printer and scanner at home, don’t leave it on, because you never know what an elf will do while everyone else is asleep.  Imagine the looks on the faces the morning after, while dad tried to figure out where all the toner went.

Photo source: i.ytimg.com

  1. When it comes to a scout elf, it seems that no family member is safe.  We’re pretty sure no fish were harmed in this photo since the children found him just in time.  Bad elf! The goldfish could not be reached for comment.

Photo source: pick-ease.com

  1. Have you ever wondered if the toys do come to life late at night when everyone is in bed?  If the Storm Troopers and Boba Fett at this house were naughty, they were going to make sure that the scout elf couldn’t report back to Santa.  Or Darth Vader.

Photo source: scontent.fphx1-1.fna.fbcdn.net

  1. Snow angels are fun, but not when your elf makes a mess on the counter.  Nothing is safe in your house when you have an Elf on a Shelf®  visiting during the holiday season. We’re sure that mom was not amused.

Photo source: Sheknows.com

  1. This elf was frozen solid until his children arrived the next morning to thaw him out. He learned a valuable lesson; never mess with Elsa, or face a bad case of freezer burn.

Photo source: Amy Radigan

  1. .  An adorable kissing booth would be tricky to navigate if you can’t touch the elf! Entrapment? Maybe.  But this clever mom offered some Hershey’s Kisses to sweeten the deal instead.

Photo source: mommysavers.com

Parents and single folks who want to enjoy a grown-up chuckle can also search the hashtag #badelfonashelf for trending pictures of adults without kids, who enjoy the annual tradition.  Just a quick warning though, it’s for grown-up eyes only, but worth a laugh late at night, as you are wrapping presents.

Don’t forget to make time to laugh, share your creative posts on social media with friends and family, and enjoy the holiday season.

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