8 Rules to Establish a Morning Routine for the whole family

Only in commercials mother and children wake up in the morning in time to calmly eat breakfast and go without rushing. In reality, the morning of the whole family turns into running around the house: children collect their things, mom quickly prepares breakfast and then gets ready, children and sometimes her husband.

To get your morning routine easier and faster, Kid 101 prepared some tips.

1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep – this is not a luxury but a necessity. We’ve heard this phrase a few times and understand the seriousness of these words, but it is difficult to go to bed, when household chores are not completed. The seven-year child should sleep 10-11 hours, not to feel tired in the morning. If you need to get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, your child should already sniff in bed at 9 PM, and you therefore go no later than 10 PM.

2. Get ready in the evening.

We talked about sleep patterns, now our next step – to minimize the number of morning duties. Prepare breakfast and clothes the night before. Many parents neglect this rule, but it does facilitate your morning routine. Children can prepare their backpacks, and choose clothes for tomorrow eve.

3. Get up earlier than your children.

In the morning, you do not have to dress the baby with one hand and with the other paint your eyelashes. Put the alarm clock on 15-30 minutes before your kids wake up. Ideally, you should take a shower, get dressed, and most importantly, have a cup of coffee.

4. Make a morning schedule.

Write whatever you need to do in the morning. If you have very young children, you can draw pictures next to the words.

1. Brush your teeth.
2. Wash.
3. Comb your hair.
4. Dress.
5. Have breakfast.
6. Obuchi.
7. Take a backpack.
8. Leave the house.

When your list is ready, walk on all items with your child, explaining the importance of each step.

5. Encourage independence.

Try to do all the work for your child. Wash and comb your hair, he can independently. Of course, it will be faster if you do it will dress, but it can discourage his desire to learn something new in the future.

6. Use the rule, “When – then.”

This rule helps to motivate children to perform all the duties of the morning, even annoying ones such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed. Find out what your child likes to do in the morning, and make it available to do only after everything else. For example: “When you brush your teeth, then make up your bed and get dressed and only then you will sit down to have breakfast.”

Be firm and resolute in your actions, otherwise generally “When – then” will be useless.

7. Stay calm.

Your children feel when you are in a hurry and nervous, and so begin to involuntarily let your down and “slow down”. If you follow the rules above, then you should not be in this situation, but sometimes problems may arise at the last minute. If you feel exhausted or frayed, exhale, explain to your child why now you need their help, and tell me what he should do. Children copy your actions and tone of your voice. If in the morning you scream and manifest their discontent with the help of slaps, try to reconsider their attitude and talk in hushed tones.

8. Make a weekend special.


On Saturday or Sunday, do not try to implement all points of the usual morning schedule. Just make sure your children get enough sleep. Read them a story or prepare breakfast before they go to brush their teeth and wash. Make pancakes morning watching cartoons and your nice family tradition. Think of the children are fun, which may appeal to you all.

Action Plan for parents

This is a list of questions that give you some food for thought:

Do you have a morning schedule, and whether or not you follow it?
Is there a procedure that you perform in the morning with the children, although this can be done a night before (for example, choosing clothes for herself or for the baby, cook dinner to work or collect a backpack)?
You give yourself enough time to properly wake up and have a cup of coffee before your children wake up?

Of course, there are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of these questions – just to help clarify the situation now, and realize that you need to change to make the morning good and good for you and for your entire family. Learn the schedule of sleep of each member of your family and make sure that no one suffers from the lack of sleep. After a few weeks of normal sleep, you will see how much easier it is to wake up early in the morning. Talk to your family and tell them how important it is to work as a solid team to make the morning routine enjoyable for everyone. Also, think through in advance of entertainment on the weekends, so that everyone would be looking forward to these days..

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