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A 14 Step-by-Step Guide to Planning and Booking Your Perfect Destination Online

Planning and booking your perfect destination online can be a daunting task. As a travel agent many years ago, I remember how much was involved in planning those trips. Back then, there were no blogs to speak of, and no GPS guides or travels apps like we have today.

Although I am no longer a travel agent, I do travel, and as they say, “Good Habits Die Hard”. One habit I never gave up is “the checklist”, ensuring I don’t miss anything important or get to my destination and realize I forgot something.

SO: Where to start? What’s step one? Step two, three, four, etc…? One can easily become overwhelmed, especially if you haven’t planned a long trip before.

Here is a 15 step-by-step guide to planning and booking your perfect destination online breaking the process down so planning becomes easier and less overwhelming:

Step 1 – Where do you want to go?

Paris, Madrid, the Congo? Start by defining where you are going; this sets a goal and direction to work within. Not only will your trip become more “real” for you, but will make planning a lot easier. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Hot or cold weather?
  • Adventure or relaxation?
  • Shopping, culture or adrenaline?
  • Family,  friends or boyfriend/girlfriend? Or maybe solo?
  • Budget or splash the cash? Or somewhere in the middle?
  • Off the beaten track or a tried and tested destination?
  • Is your passport up to date?
  • Will you need visas?
  • Will you need any vaccinations?

Still not inspired? Be sure to read our article on Top 15 Travel Sites for Booking Your Next Adventure. Another GREAT resource to help spark your interests is Earth Roulette.

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