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Adorable Answers from Kids about Marriage and Love

Kids are our pride, although sometimes they make us angry, they are sweet and innocent and always know how to laugh and cheer us. Here are the 14 funny and adorable answers from some kids about marriage and love.


What after we kiss with someone?

– “If you kiss someone then you must marry them and you should have kids with them. That is rule!

– “According to law you should be eighteen years”

What is the right age for marriage?

– ” Twenty- three is the perfect age for marriage and you know this person forever by then.”

– “Years are not important for marriage’ you should be ready to get married.”


What people do when they are on a date with someone?

– ” Actually, dates is for fun and people use them to get to know better each other.”

– ” On the first date people often lie to each other and that seems interesting to go for a second date.”

What do you think your mom and your dad have in common?

– ” They, don’t want more kids.”

What will you do if your first date turning on bad?

– ” I’ run home and play dead. Next day I will call all newspaper and make sure that they wrote about me in all dead columns.”


When you have married? Which person will be that?

– “I will choose the person who likes the same stuff like me. For example: if you like tennis, she should like it that you like tennis. “

– “People don’t decides before they grow up who will marry, I think that god decide the person which you will marry.”

What is better? Single or Married?

– “I think that for girls it is better to be single, but not for boys. Boys need someone to cook and clean after them.”


How the world would be if the people did not get married?

– “There sure would be a lot of kids to explain wouldn’t there?”

How would be a marriage propose?

– “Hmm… tell your wife that she looks gorgeous, even if she looks like frog.”


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