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Amazing Costume Fails Last Halloween – Unless You Are Brave Enough To Try It!

Kids have the most fun dressing up for trick-or-treating. It’s that time of the year they can use mom’s lipstick to paint blood, and have more chocolate than they’re usually allowed. Even the surliest teen will go through her closet for that perfect Buffy the Vampire Slayer party dress. The best thing about Halloween is anything goes. But should it? Here are some costume Don’ts that made everyone laugh—or cringe—last Halloween.

That “Sexy” pile of poop emoji

It’s one thing to get the beanbag as a gag, it’s entirely another story to try making it the new little black dress for Halloween. Hard to believe, but nope, there’s no bringing sexy back when it comes to poop. And unlike a 99-cent throw pillow, this sh*t is over $50 down the toilet. Not sure why a kid would want to go as poop either.


But if the little princess feels like wearing an oversized tutu, then why not just grin and bear the comments out there (Is it a bird? Is it a fart?). The bath foam scores a point though for hygiene. Sometimes it’s all about  marketing. Maybe try capping it #cottoncandy on IG? Or #stormclouds?

Nightstand Costume

This is an adult costume that was found to be funny and features some sense of creativity in its design. What makes it stand out is the fact that the costume is  economical and comes with humor to make your day thrilling.

Genie Lamp

Do you want Halloween that can take your party to the next level? If yes, then you can try the genie lamp costume. The costume is preferred by thousands of people since it weighs only 2 pounds. In addition, the Halloween is easy to wear, interactive as well as hilarious.

Light weight Banana Costume

A lightweight banana suit is not only comfortable but also fitting, regardless of your body size. That explains why the costume has been selling highly on online platforms, such as Amazon. The aforementioned outfit is suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Dinosaur inflatable Jumpsuit

If you have lived in shame for years knowing that you could not pull off your childhood dream of being a dinosaur, then with funny inflatable dinosaur costume you can make your dream a reality. The jumpsuit comes with a front zipper, elastic at ankles and wrists making it easy to wear.

Camel adult costume

Camel costume comes in a wide range of colors to suit each and every occasion. The product is one size and weighs 2 pounds. Moreover, when it gets dirty, you can hand wash without damaging the product for the reason that it is 100% polyester.

Exotic Jewel of the East costume

Everyone will be attracted to see you in the belly danced-inspired costume that features complete chiffon harem pants, satin bra top, a sequin and a beaded headpiece. The good news is that all the outfit components can be hand washed at home.

Mischievous Gypsy Outfit

This is another inspiring outfit that comes in three different colors: purple, red and yellow. It comprises of top, skirt, and headband that has a coin trim. A gypsy costume is ideal for raves, festivals, as well as suit events.

Trouser Snake Charmer Men Attire

Trouser Snake costume can be equally offensive and charming. As a men’s attire, the package includes pants, flute, long shirt with a robe,  and a snake to rock your world.

Anaconda Costume

Anaconda is kid killer costumes that can invoke your child’s wild imagination while letting your kid have total fun. The snake is wrapped around the torso so that the child can have full control over the snake’s head as he or she plays with anaconda.

Native American Seductress

In most instances, the costume is suitable for an array of events, including club events, and festivals. It is advisable to wash the dress with cold water so as not to ruin the fabric. Ideally, the costume can be put on by women of all sizes to enhance their appearance.

Worst sexy fireman outfit

Humorous sexy fireman t-shirt is the best option for the last minute costume party at a place of work or even at home. Many have fallen in love with this Halloween attire since it matches the tastes of all users, including the kids, women, and men of all shapes and sizes.

Beer Keg

When you put on the silver beer keg, you become the person who everyone at the party is dying to be friends with. Try it today and be the party hero.

Ball Pit

Ball bit is a multicolored wear that is interactive as well as fun to dress in. One size fits all thus saves you a great deal of time and money.

Full Moon Repairs outfit

Repairman costume comes in a variety of colors and features different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Anne Frank

Officially The Worst Halloween Costume Of 2017. The WW2 evacuee girl even comes with a price tag. received so much flak for “trivializing her memory,” they had to take it down for good the following day with an apology.

Inflatable me

Once upon a time, in a swimming pool not so far away, a toy maker put a lifesaver on his toddler and Eureka! The inflatable unicorn was born. The costume now comes in a dragon, dinosaur, ballerina, pirate, gorilla, sumo wrestler, flamingo—in short, every imaginable Halloween fixture, only with a lifesaver on. It’s still getting pins on Pinterest from last year. One ad guarantees moms her princess will not just win best costume, but will also “party in comfort.” Don’t let the look on this girl’s face burst her mom’s bubble—it costs over $25.

Hoodie, no Tanuki

Not a Halloween goes by without a pair showing up as Super Mario and Luigi. The Super Mario Tanuki Hoodie aimed to step it up a notch last year. Trouble is, no one remembers the obscure Tanooki Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3, much less that he’s based on a shape-shifter in Japanese lore called Tanuki. The suit has the power to turn Mario into a statue. Now, if the hoodie could just turn the wearer to the Invisible Man…

Baby Pumpkin

It’s often smart to opt for cheap alternatives, especially since they’ll outgrow the costumes. But it’s always wiser to put the newborn’s comfort and safety first. He might not remember wearing a pumpkin for a diaper, but chances are he’ll find a pic years later, on a Facebook Fail wall. Halloween costumes need not be fancy. Trust that Junior will be no less than adorable in an orange Target onesie. That said, Pink’s son does look cute.

Say “Ehhh-oh”

No one in Teletubbyland history has ever looked like a “magical event” dressed as Tinky-Winky. Absolutely no one, of any age or size or capacity to look comfortable stuffed in a stocking. A DIY windmill would have a better shot at the best costume.

Dalmatians 101

This 2001 iconic look, immortalized on, has been making a comeback. There seem to be more and more families in Dalmatian onesies every Halloween. Last year, office parties caught the fever. But even though it’s been nearly two decades, there’s clearly still some confusion on what makes a fail. A ‘lil rhyme might help: only spotted tots are spot on.


Aka Bully Magnet.

There’s always the robot, if making a costume out of cardboard boxes is some weird tradition at home. There’s also the playing card, popcorn, Lego, aquarium, stoplight, cell phone, juice pack, Kleenex… Note how none of these involve a crude, violent game.

The Wall

Was there a clumsy attempt to hide behind Pink Floyd? And would that make it worse than if it were just a joke about Trump’s rant on the U.S. border? Because some costumes say “Mexico will pay!” it’s safe to conclude no one had Pink Floyd in mind here. Wow, that’s actually worse.

Spartan Baby

Points for attempting to give a faithful representation of the  Spartan way of life. But even little warriors need more than a cape in the Fall for warmth.

Heir to the throne

Not sure if this little girl winning “Game of Thrones” encouraged more moms to follow this bold artistic direction. Between Princess Elsa, however, and this other, less royal throne, Disney’s a safer bet. A toilet won’t  score any chocolate either.

Pumpkin Moon

See #6.

And  #11.

Hey Fatty

Who was that comedian who said nothing is funnier than real life? Maybe the genius behind this epic fail thought he’d made a perfect example. He didn’t get the addendum, “except making a fat a Halloween isn’t funny.”

Fidget Spinner

The fidget spinner was the Sandra Bullock of 2017, topping the Oscars and Razzies of Halloween costumes the way Sandy once rocked both awards the same year. Mercifully, like all millennial flavors of the month, it won’t make the cut this year. It’s sooo two words ago.

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