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Amazing Trippe Spiral – How Simple Toy Can Have Long Term Effects

Placing dominoes in the ideal position to make a captivating design or mosaic- regularly alluded to as a “domino show” – is a work of art in itself. One of the components of excitement of a domino show originates from the unsafe nature. Everyone comprehends that each new set up domino is another new hazard to lose the majority of the work they have recently finished. Contraptions, special topplings and different shapes are also often used for special effects to add to the excitement. 

Domino expert Hevesh5 burned through 25 hours over eight days to make this triple spiral comprising of around 15,000 dominoes. Of course, after all that meticulously accurate work, the dominoes topple in a glorious showcase. As you watch the three groups of the fall, the complexity of the construct turns out to be clear.

How can she control every succession without demolishing a future arrangement? That is some engineering, to oblige the tolerance, enduring hand, and creativity involved in this short video.
When the first tile is tripped, it will topple over and collide with the next tile in front of it. This will go on until the last tile has been knocked down.

Known as the domino effect, no matter how long the chain of dominoes, if they are properly arranged in the first place, they will continue to topple from tile to tile, as long as the distance between the tiles is shorter than their height and the size of the succeeding tile doesn’t exceed one and a half times its predecessor. Hence a lot of precision is required to build even a small structure nonetheless a 15,000 domino one. 

It takes almost two minutes for the entire structure to fall yet it is strangely fulfilling to observe every domino topple onto the following. “This is the third largest project I’ve ever built by myself,” says Hevesh in the video. Hevesh5 has also created other impressive projects with various kinds of dominoes and by collaborating with other domino masters and keeps outdoing herself every single time.


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