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Be a Knick This Summer – Junior Knicks Summer Basketball Camp

Hey Moms, guess what?  One of the best and worst times of each school year is upon us.  The both dreaded and loved Summer vacation.  While we love our children and really do enjoy spending time with them, going on family vacations, days at the beach and park, and ice cream.  We also realistically know that during this time of year, the laundry will increase, there will be more running around as the kids are easily bored, and there will be times when your kids’ friends visiting will be more of a disaster than a good time.  Not to mention more meals to prepare each day, and the house cleaning will become exponentially greater.

However, do not fear it all just yet.  You do have options.  The New York Knicks NBA team is  hosting a junior summer camp this year from July 9th to  August 31st.  The locations are scattered in New York and New Jersey.  There are twelve different sessions, so scheduling won’t be a terrible nightmare anyway.

August 10, 2017: The New York Knicks host a youth basketball camp in Bronxville, NY with NYK player Ron Baker.

This Summer camp is a structured learning environment, which will help your child or children with their offense, defense, shooting, and with general fundamentals of the game itself.  All of this while encouraging healthy interaction and competition with their peers, and with the basics of the much-needed teamwork skill.

The kids will be interacting with former and current New York Knicks players, and coaches.  So your children can have fun playing with and learning from some of the great athletes of the sport.  The personal development skills your child will learn will go far in showing them how to play well and work well with others which as we know are essential skills needed for the future workplaces and interpersonal relationships your child will be a part of in their lifetime.

August 28, 2017: The New York Knicks host a youth basketball camp in East Hampton, NY with NYK draftee, Luke Kornet.

The kids will have a blast meeting and getting to learn from all of the NBA stars and coaches they will be learning from.  The friendships that will be forged there will never be forgotten.  Your child will learn mad skills that will give you a reason to cheer at the next school game.  Not to mention they will be so tired when they get home from the Junior Knicks Summer Camp, they won’t have the energy to cause chaos and confusion in your home when they get done.  This for some kids is a once in a lifetime thing that they will not forget, they will be telling stories from this camp for years to come.  The workouts are specifically designed for kids to reach their optimal level.  So it is also a great way for them to have a nice healthy workout during summer vacation.  When they are showing their newly learned skills at the neighborhood basketball court you can be cheering them on knowing you gave them the advantage they will need to further their game, while giving them an unforgettable experience at the same time.  Epic parenting win!!!!!

Junior Knicks Summer Basketball Camp presented by Chase will provide boys and girls ages 6-16 with a structured basketball learning experience that encourages team participation and personal development. The camp focuses on improving camper skills while emphasizing offense, defense, shooting and game fundamentals. This summer, the camp will feature current and former Knicks players, along with Knicks coaching staff. Upcoming summer camp locations will include Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey.

Learn to play basketball like a true New Yorker at Junior Knicks summer basketball camp! Sign up today at

August 10, 2017: The New York Knicks host a youth basketball camp in Bronxville, NY with NYK player Ron Baker.

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