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Best Ways to dress you pet this Halloween

Whether the family plans to party as Transformers or the Lannisters, the squad just won’t be complete without its four-legged Bumblebee or Tywin. It should be a piece of cake to find a costume for your pet, right? No trouble at all if the whole household is going as Where’s Waldo? There are surely hundreds of costumes for pets, but bear in mind a lot is designed for smaller sizes, and some may be adorable on the cool cats, but not so much for man’s best friend. The task of dressing up the family’s pet won’t be tough if you look into what suits them and their personality. Try as you might, a mastiff just won’t fit into that cute pineapple. If mom and dad are going as zombies, and the kids end up playing Phineas and Ferb, then why not let your pet go rogue too? Here are a few Halloween suits for furry friends to join the trick-or-treat action.


“Deadly doll Chucky” is always running out of stock, thanks to every pet’s killer charm when they put the creepy costume on. Before yours goes on a rampage, get him the most sought after outfit of the season. Your friends will die laughing at the “Good Dogs” on his jumpsuit.

Hot Dog

If you’re going as the deadly virus on World War Z, you can still make everyone laugh at the BBQ with this instant bun—oops, pun. Better yet, ditch the zombie apocalypse idea. Complete the hot look by going with your dawg as mustard and ketchup bottles.

Get Buzzy

The bumblebee is this year’s ladybug of favourite costumes. It’s perfect for the friendly pet who always needs to get the latest buzz in the neighbourhood. The sweet costume comes with yellow pom-poms on the antennae and mesh wings. Pair it with a beekeeper’s outfit and you’ll both be the talk of the town.

Super Fab

Yup, it’s official—Super Man looks fab on everyone in the family, from the resident Clark Kent to the Krypto-pooch. The super cute suit is also one of the most practical for XXXL pets since there’s a  “Superman Big Dog” edition. Not a lot of superhero costumes can accommodate super sizes.


If Stitch can be adopted as an “earth dog,” your pup can play out his extraterrestrial dreams, too. Make the adorable alien feel part of your ohana by keeping him toasty and comfortable in a Stitch suit. Get a size bigger to ensure he’s covered. Some Stitch models indicate the length of the back excluding the pet’s head and tail.


What’s the perfect fit for a swashbuckling adventurer with nine lives? Nothing could be more adorable than the family’s very own puss-in-boots in a pirate’s outfit. Reviews say it’s easy to put on, even on the most impatient kitty.


Make your best friend a noble knight of the Wild Wild West, aka your garden, for Halloween. The designers recommend the funny attire especially for pugs, malteses, French bulldogs, and  Boston terriers, to name a few. The saddle is adjustable for all sizes. An equally adorable alternative for pet kittens is the cowboy uniform.

Lion King

Who says you don’t give your dog the royal treatment? Put on the Circle of Life song and let your pet rock the Simba, king-of-the-Pride-Lands look at the Halloween party. TOMSENN provides realistically soft, fluffy lion fur, complete with the tail.

Paws the Great and Powerful

If everyone on the yellow brick road wants to be Dorothy and the Tin Man, maybe your kitten can step up to the Wicked Witch challenge. Any pet would look adorable in the land of Oz. Made for tinier pets, the pups, kitties, and bunnies can Defy Gravity with this chic, comfy hat made of satin and cotton.

Furry firefighter

The Paw Patrol Marshall isn’t just a popular pick for toddlers this year. It’s a top outfit for man’s best friend as well. Halloween’s little hero will win everyone’s heart (and the best costume prize according to one review), with a flame badge and backpack, apart from the jacket and firefighter hat. The red and blue uniforms are equally charming.

Time for a bat

Can’t find a sidekick in Gotham to fight crime with? No need to get batty. To every caped Dark Knight is a cool Robin costume, though this edition may be more for the furry, friendly type. The DC Comics Teen Titans Robin pet costume comes with a bright, detachable cape and eye mask on top of the red shirt with green sleeves. Kids will especially adore the Small Robin costume, but the Big Dog XXXL is just as much of a head turner.

Rambo Jr.

Who are you calling Expendable? Let the family hero channel his inner Rambo and give trick-or-treaters a big chuckle. Sly Stallone’s suit comes with stuffed arms and a foam gun. The wig, bullet belt and red headband are particularly hilarious additions. The costume has been selling out faster than he can say, “They drew first blood.”

Casual claws

For Halloween, or just when you’re pet’s getting crabby, put on this festive one-piece on him. Mr Claws doesn’t fit all sizes and is always out of stock. But there are a red-orange Casual Canine Large Lobster Paws suitable for golden retrievers and other bigger pets.

Triceradog, Stegosaurus

Complete the family’s sweet Shark Attack (or Attack of the killer cuties)story with an adorable triceratops or stegosaurus. The horned headpiece is the simplest way to transform your pet into a ferocious creature, and it’s also currently the best selling dino. But Animal Planet’s newer Stegosaurus, with the spiky tail and plates on the bodysuit, would brighten everyone’s day and Instagram, too.


What’s a family circus without a Pennywise the clown? Rock the Ringling Bros. look with an acrobat’s outfit and your trusty sidekick on your arm. The costume is designed for smaller pets, but the four-legged design will keep them and their hindquarters warm for chilly Halloweens.


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