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Black Friday Shopping Guide

Every year stores try to top the year before with bigger and better Black Friday deals. Now, you don’t even have to wait until Friday to cash in on Black Friday deals. Some stores are opening Thanksgiving Day.

No matter when you decide to cash in on the best deal, you must be prepared and have a Black Friday Survival Kit packed and ready to go shopping.

Tip 1. Do your research – Some stores have published their Black Friday shopping ads already. You’ll want to look at the ads. Some sale prices are only for a limited time. You’ll also want to look at Doorbuster Deals. They may try and get you in the door but are they the best price. Map out your route and the stores that you must go to. There’s websites like and that will help you by having multiple store ads in one place.

Tip 2. Set a budget – You don’t want to be tempted by the deals inside the stores. Set a budget and stick to your list. Remember, Black Friday may just be one day of shopping sales but there are a lot more shopping days left. The average black Friday shopper will spend around $375.00.

Tip 3. Pack Snacks and Drinks – Black Friday shopping is like a sporting event for many people. You’ll want to be prepared. You may not have time for a snack or to find a place that’s open in the middle of the night to get a bottle of water. A quick trip to the store may turn into a 3-hour shopping adventure. Also since many stores are open on Thanksgiving, you may not be stuffed from all that eating, instead you’ve been shopping.

Tip 4. Arrive Early and Dress for the Elements – Be prepared for lines outside of stores. Some people have been known to set up tents to secure a good spot in line for a great deal. In fact, the National Retail Federation says 23% of people have camped out get a Black Friday deal. If you are like most people, it’s not warm in November so you’ll want to be prepared to wait outside in the elements.

Tip 5. Bring a Friend – You will probably want company and maybe some help securing the best deals. This shopping strategy is not just a scene out of a TV Show. It works.

Tip 6. Don’t Get Upset – Keep your cool if you miss out on a deal. It’s not the end of the world. Remember, there’s Cyber Monday around the corner. So you can start over with your shopping strategy.

Good luck, have fun and hope you find the best deals!

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