Breaking Summer Break - Kid 101

Breaking Summer Break

Two days in and I’m already questioning, how realistic is summer break?!

I mean, yes I’m having a great time. The boys and I have spent two days doing yoga, going swimming, playing with friends and eating icy treats, but absolutely no real world items have been checked off of our to-do list.

Oh, wait…we did wash our bathing suits and towels! Twice.

But other than that we are in full-on, summer lazy mode. We even used paper plates for lunch today (gasp!).

It’s going swimmingly (quite literally).

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spoil my kids with fun activities and lifelong memories than wash dishes, do laundry or do work that I actually get paid to do.

Sadly, thoughts of bills that will soon need to be paid keep looming over me. Unless, you’re independently wealthy (good for you!), spending money without making money just doesn’t add up.

Yes, I know that I am fortunate to be able to work from home and not have to send my kids to daycare, but most people are not.

When I worked full-time outside of my home, the thought of year-round schooling made perfect sense to me. Why do kids even get a summer break?! Grownups don’t get summer breaks. Hell, most Americans are lucky if they get two weeks paid vacation a year. Or paid vacation at all for that matter!!

But why should our kids be deprived of what is clearly the most wonderful time of the year?! Kids learn from playing. They should be allowed to catch fireflies and bounce on trampolines until they pass out.

Fingers crossed that millennials will make working remotely second nature. However, even if they do, I assure you it is not very easy to work when little ones are around. Much of my work is done when my kids are either in front of a screen (something they haven’t done for the past two days!) or when my husband is home.

They demand to be entertained non-stop. And if they’re not, they constantly complain that it’s too hot and or that they’re bored. So, wouldn’t everyone’s life be much happier and healthier if I just gave in?!

The craziest part of this summer phenomenon is that my kids have actually been doing things like taking their dishes to the sink and brushing their teeth (It might be summer, but oral hygiene is still important!) without being asked twice because they know that if they do, the rest of the day will be fun-filled.

The only thing we’ve really argued about is putting on sunblock?!

Who needs to do chores or have a savings account? I can easily play in the pool, eat hot dogs (don’t worry, they were grass-fed & organic) and chat with my mom friends all day, no problem!

The question is (my continual life quest) how do I find balance?!? Eventually the novelty is going to wear off. Dishes will have to be done. Laundry will have to be washed. Toilets will have to be scrubbed. Work will have to be done. Bills will have to be paid….

Unless…my kids could just wear their bathing suits and eat off of paper plates all summer!


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