He came on stage alone, but was he alone? - Kid 101

He came on stage alone, but was he alone?

What’s funny about singing? It has made unattractive people incredibly famous on national television. The same applies to Nicholas. When he walked onto the stage of Britain’s got talent everyone expected to see a classical piano performance of Bach or Beethoven. With a grand piano on stage, Nicholas is just one man with a piano or is he? Little did the audience know that this was going to become a performance of a lifetime, none like they’ve ever seen before. He might be different, but he surely knows how to perform on stage.

He starts off a classical piece elegantly. He is joined by a violinist who enriches the performance taking the audience off guard. Then bit by bit out pops other performers playing various instruments from all parts of the performance room like cartoon characters jumping out from their hiding places. Like little animals joining Snow White when she sings in the woods, they mesmerize the audience by making them turn their heads to every single part of the hall wondering where each instrument is popping out from.

All performers are disguised as the audience and little did they know that the performers were amongst them. The performance which started off with one pianist has suddenly become a performance of an orchestra joint by a choir of singers.

This is the beauty of music. Nicholas caught everyone by surprise. The element of surprise was unexpected. Never have I ever seen such a scenic and astonishing performance. It was like a performance of a movie or a musical. It is too beautiful to be described in words. These are the sort of performances that people die to watch. Watching this performance will no doubt make your jaws drop and that’s going to look hilarious from where I’m standing.

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