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15 Day Trips from Dallas You Never Thought Of

Lake Texoma (1 hour 40 min)

If the weather is good then pack your swimming costumes, your sunhat, and your sunblock and get in the car. Lake Texoma is just over an hour and a half away and absolutely perfect for a day trip. Lake Texoma is an enormous reservoir surrounded by white sandy beaches, forests, valleys, hills, and canyons – all national state park. You can take boats out onto the water, fish, enjoy water sports, go hiking, horseback riding, cycling and more. There are beautiful animals in the park that are home to wild hogs and deer and the birdlife is magnificent, including eagles, so be careful and aware on any hiking trails. Hagerman and Tishomingo are two National Wildlife Preserves that you can visit too. You will find some divine waterfront bars and restaurants, houseboats where you can eat, boats for hire or organized cruises too. Check their website to see which part of the lake is closest to you for easy access – it’s pretty huge!

Greenville (1 hour)

There are tons of small and charming towns around Dallas and Greenville is another that you really should visit. It’s just an hour away and apart from having an award-winning winery also has many beautiful historical buildings, divine shopping, fab food and an interesting cultural scene. You can join a walking tour of the town or you can do your own walk, following the historical markers along the way. Read the markers carefully, you’ll learn why Elvis came to Greenville. There are also many military exhibits and you can spend time at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum and visit a walkable World War 1 trench. Aude Murphy was America’s most highly decorated soldiers. Greenville is about small-town life, history, shopping, good food, great wine and a fab music scene with many weekend music events and festivals. Check their website for details. There are also five large lakes in the area so take a swimming costume and hat in summer and enjoy a swim, boating or fishing too. If you’re into watersports there are plenty of opportunities to rent a jet ski, sailboat or surfboard.

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