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Denver Day Trips a Must With The Family Part 1

EVERGREEN (half an hour)

There is an alpine park and lake just outside of Denver and we think you should definitely visit! If you want to get out of the city and into the country without traveling too far – Evergreen is the place for you. There is a gorgeous alpine lake in the center of the town, surrounded by pine trees, peaceful meadows, forest and wetlands too. In summer you can rent a paddle board or canoe and in winter you can ice skate! There’s fabulous hiking at the Alderfer / Three Sisters Park and you can pick up a trails map at the entrance. The Flying J. Ranch is nearby too, formerly a runway but now a national park and just beauteous for hikers and cyclists. Downtown Evergreen is a lovely village filled with art and craft stores, galleries, boutiques and vintage shops. There are also day Spas and a local theatre so check out in advance what’s showing.

DINOSAUR RIDGE  (30 minutes)

All kids love dinosaurs and you will love this outing as much as they do. You’re welcome to wander around on your own, join a dinosaur hiking trail or explore the museum alone, or you can join a group tour. Be amazed at Jurassic dinosaur bones and dinosaur footprints. Walk with these enormous giants across a floodplain lined with creeks, rivers and watering holes and trace the patterns left by Colorado’s ocean on Morrison’s sandy beaches!  Your kids can meet up with Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus and measure their footprints against Cretaceous’s enormous footprints.  Triceratops Trail is always a hit and the views and exercise are good too. Look out for special events such as fossil walks or tours too. There’s a gift shop for souvenirs, an indoor exhibition hall and a small cafe for light snacks.


You’ve probably seen photographs of the Rocky Mountain National Park, pure unadulterated scenic beauty. The snow-capped mountains are extraordinary, the forests magnificent and the waterfalls, lakes, creeks, birdlife, butterflies, and wildlife all extraordinary. The Park stretches over 400 square miles and you can go in any day, all day. On arrival visit a park visitor center where you can get a map and advice. There are many centers, depending on your entry point. Plan well so that you don’t get caught short. There are literally hundreds of miles of hiking trails of various difficulty. If you’re with small children, you’ll want one of the easier trails. Wear good shoes and take plenty of water and snacks. Look out for organized horseback riding and if you’re into fishing, there are plenty of rivers and creeks for you to fish in. There are no restaurants in the park but after your hike, spend some time in Estes Park, a resort town with a good selection of restaurants and also some great shops. The Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful in America so if you have the opportunity to visit, don’t miss out.


This beautiful park is known for its large red sandstone outcrops and offers incredible hiking, magnificent views, and well planned bicycle trails. It’s a picture perfect setting and the amphitheater has the most extraordinary natural acoustics that are just a small 70 million years in the making. Take a hike and once in the amphitheater shout out loud to hear your echo! The amphitheater is a fantastic venue for summer concerts and the Beatles and U2 have performed here. You don’t have to wait for a concert to go through. The park is open daily and is managed by the Denver Mountains Park System. You can pick up a trails map at the entrance. If you’re with young kids, try the 1.4-mile Trading Post Lop Hiking Trail that is just under 1.5 miles long, through the most spectacular rocks, valleys and a natural meadow. Wear good hiking boots, take plenty of water and don’t forget your sunblock.


This is a fabulous place to visit if you want to pay tribute to the old days of cowboy and Indians and learn more about those Wild West days. William F Cody as one of the most famous cowboys to ride the range and there are several exhibits that you can view, indoor and out, including Indian artifacts, firearms, bows and arrows, cowboy outfits and art from that time. As per his wishes, Cody was buried on Lookout Mountain which has one of the best mountain views in Colorado. You can visit his grave and see the absolute beauty of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains and the old Wild West. There are shows for the kids as well as many interactive activities. Check the website for times. Take good shoes so you can do some of the trails, bring home souvenirs from the gift shop/teepee where you can also pick up a few snacks. Entrance for adults is $5, $1 for kids between 6 and 15, free if you are under 6.

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