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Police respond to Elf on the Shelf emergency

A seven-year-old girl in the US called police in a panic because she accidentally touched her Elf on a Shelf. Isabelle LaPeruta from Old Bridge, New Jersey was upset only because the story tells children the magic of Christmas is lost if the elf is handled. In a recording of the conversation, Isabelle can be heard then telling the 911 operator her call was an “accident” rather than to send police. “I was trying to call my dad,” she claims.

To her, it was a crisis once she handled the elf, and she’s sure to ruin Christmas, so that was her emergency
Lt Joseph Mandola Old Bridge Police

Since police need to check all 911 calls, officers visited Isabelle’s house, where they found her weeping. Her mother, Lynanne LaPeruter, was sleeping and woke up to see her daughter trying to send the officer away. “Isabella apologized. She handled the Elf on the Shelf. She won’t call 911 again,” the officer told headquarters over the radio. “She was hysterical crying, she was panicking,” explained her mother, in an interview with NBC New York.  Isabelle stated the elf tumbled on the floor when she threw a ball and she was worried she would end up in trouble. She said Santa Claus “knows” she won’t do it again.

“In her mind, she did right, and it was fine with us.”

Elf on the Shelf was first published in the US a decade ago and has since created its way to other countries around the world. The story describes how Santa Claus sends “scout elves” to homes to watch over events ahead of Christmas.

Whenever a parent buys the book, they also get their elf to “adopt”. “There’s only one secret you need to stick to, so I will come back and be here the next day: Take care not to touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won’t hear all I’ve seen or I know,” the story states. Every night, as the children are asleep, the elf reports back in the North Pole and comes back to a different place in the home in the morning.

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