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A Mother’s Home-Work is Never Done

Prior to our move, my husband and I had a very equal balance of work and family life. We both worked full-time jobs outside of the house and both stayed home with our children on alternating days. It wasn’t ideal (we never had weekends or holidays off as a family), but we made it work.

Now, I’m a work-at-home mom. My husband recently received a promotion and has been working crazy hours outside of our home. This is new for all of us. We’re still trying to get into our groove, but it hasn’t been easy.

Last night I hosted one of those multi-level-marketing company parties (you know, moms supporting moms). Of course, prior to inviting people into my home, I had to clean my entire house from top to bottom (never an easy task when you have kids).

My neighbors also happened to be getting ready for the final walk-through of their house. Having just gone through a move myself, I wanted to be able to help them out in any way I could, so I told them to send their kids over to hang out with the boys.

This plan should have been flawless. Let the kids run amok outside while I finish cleaning inside, hop into the shower when my husband got home, do any last minute prep that needed to be done, then ship my family off to my brother’s house.

Sadly, that’s not quite how it went down.

Our typical routine is to have an after school snack and then get homework out of the way. But since the neighbor kids were coming over, we brushed the homework to the side. However, my first grader was STARVING (hmm…maybe if he actually ate the fruits and vegetables that HE packed in his lunch he wouldn’t be so emaciated) so I had to think fast. He finished some leftover mac and cheese, then promptly asked for a bowl of cereal.

Of course, it had started to thunderstorm. So I sent all of the kids into our playroom (the one room where a mess is socially acceptable). At which point, all of the kids were asking for cereal. Typically I don’t allow our boys to eat in the playroom, but I wanted to contain the mess so I brought cereal in, was quickly berated for not giving them enough milk, and then had to clean up a total of five spills in five minutes. Shoot me!

I tried to remain calm.

My husband arrived home, already prepared for the shitstorm that is his wife prior to hosting anything. I calmly gave him the overview. He told me to get ready and that he would take care of everything else. As I walked out of the kitchen, I continued to give him a to-do list a mile long. Including taking our son’s homework with them.

He assured me that he had it all under control and begged me not to worry about it.

At 6:30 I kicked my family and the neighbor kids out. I then enjoyed four solid hours of kid-free bliss with my sister-in-law and a bunch of other moms that don’t get out of the house nearly enough.

Our little one crashed on the way home, but needless to say our kids were up WAY too late. And of course, I couldn’t fall asleep because I just finished hosting a party and was all amped up. Sometime around 2 am, I thought to myself…homework! Thankfully, I remembered to ask my husband to bring it in from his car before he left at 5 am. Sadly, it was never done (well, he brought it inside, but the actual homework was not completed).

So, at 8:15, after not sleeping at all myself, I dragged my exhausted little angel out of bed…begged him to get dressed as fast as he could…physically fed him while he did his math homework…squatted at the bus stop while he read me two short books…and literally made him hop on one foot (apparently it helps with concentration) while he spelled his spelling words that I had to remember off the top of my mom-brain head because we couldn’t find the damn paper anywhere.


I assure you that they next time my husband assures me that he has something under control and/or tells me not to worry about it, I will give him a friendly reminder of this incident.


I tried to remain calm


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