Going the Distance

For many, many, many years my husband and I lived in a rather rural area of our big, beautiful country. It was my husband’s hometown, it was what he knew. It didn’t faze him that it practically took half a day to get anywhere. That, and the only other place he lived as an adult was a teeny, tiny (even more rural) college town.
For many, many, many years my husband and I discussed moving to my hometown. A small, yet major city. Sure, it could probably fit inside Central Park, but it is still a city.

We would typically visit twice a year, in the Summer and around the holidays. Each time we would note that everything was SO accessible! My husband would often offer (practically jumping up and down) to go buy ice cream or pick up a movie because it only took two seconds to run up to the highway, versus the thirty-five minutes it usually took us to get to the grocery store.

My Mom and I would always go to our favorite large blue and yellow Scandinavian housewares store because for me it was “so close” despite her not wanting to drive herself because it was “so far”. She assured me that the distance was relative and that if/when we ever moved my outlook would quickly change.

Once our children were born, it became obvious that a move was imminent. If we wanted to take our kids to the zoo, it would take a half an hour, not an hour and a half. If we wanted to take them to a major sporting event, it would take twenty minutes, not an hour and forty-five minutes. If we wanted to go to our favorite large blue and yellow Scandinavian housewares store (priorities, people!), it would take twenty-four minutes, not two hours!!
And so, we finally packed up all of our worldly possessions, including our kids (it would be frowned upon if we didn’t), and moved.

As we shopped for a new home we had many things to consider. My husband’s new job was south of the city, but we wanted to stay north because that is where most of our family and friends reside. I commuted fifty minutes each way for over twelve years, so I wanted to make sure that my husband’s new commute was at most half that time. Then, of course, there was neighborhoods, school districts, etc.

We’ve lived here for almost a year and a half.

A few months ago I read that a new Thai restaurant was opening in our neighborhood. I made some comment to my husband about it being far away. He looked at me like I had two heads and said, “What are you talking about?! It will literally take us six minutes to get there!”.

Fast forward a few months. Our beloved neighbors sold their home (boo!) but purchased another in the same general vicinity (yay!). My husband is so hung up on their moving “so far away”! He’s worried that our kid’s will lose their playmates and that we’ll never see them again. I keep saying, “What are you talking about?! They are literally moving six miles away. Touche!

I guess Mom really does know best!

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