Vacation Hangover

This past weekend, our little family went on a road trip to explore some sites and visit with family. It was glorious. My husband and I put our phones and computers away, the kids were completely engaged and everyone got along. We even made it home in record time without stopping once…and we’re talking a four hour trip, people! That’s a pretty big miracle when traveling with little bladders!
Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

There is nothing worse than coming home to a huge mess. For this reason, I make it a habit of cleaning our house before leaving for any length of time. Sadly, a colony of ants did not get the memo. When we walked into our kitchen (which is right off of our closed-in porch) we discovered a multitude of ants crawling around…the doorframe, the floor, the butcher block counter. GROSS!

Needless to say, I immediately took every possible measure to eradicate them and felt all creepy-crawly for the rest of the night.

My husband was out the door before 5 a.m. I’ve already let out a few audible sighs this morning, as I’ve thought about ALL of the things that need to be done at home, but I’m sure he’s got plenty of his own fish to fry at work. I’m trying very hard to not send him a million messages before noon.

Thankfully, the boys woke up on their own accord. AND it is Field Trip Day, so our six-year-old’s outfit and lunch was already planned (thank you matching class t-shirts and preservative-filled Lunchables that fit the disposable container requirement). I sprayed his shoes down with bug spray, lathered him up with sunblock and he was good to go.

But not before eating breakfast!
However, we have next to no food in the house, besides a few leftover snacks and the fruits & veggies that have been traveling in a cooler all weekend, so breakfast was a bit of a challenge. Crackers and watermelon, anyone?!

Note to self: must go grocery shopping.

Now that our older kiddo is out the door, it’s time to get to work. I literally have a thousand emails to get through, new deadlines from clients and a bunch of tabs that are still open from last week that need to be addressed.

My three-year-old has a completely different agenda. Instead of playing quietly by himself, or even requesting screen time while I work, he would like me to entertain him. I guess after being stimulated by loads of people and activities for a full seventy-two hours, who can blame him?!

Oh, and then, of course his legs are covered in itchy ant bites because he refused to listen to me last night when I repeatedly told him to get up off of the porch floor because there were a ton of ants and that they might bite him (what do I know anyway?!).

There are bags to be unpacked, laundry to be done, a car to be cleaned out (if we don’t clean it out now, who knows what will be growing in there next week), audio books & DVDs to be returned to the library. Can’t forget grocery shopping…

I officially need a vacation from my vacation!


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