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Game of Thrones goes to the Streets

Can I have a shout out for all the Game of thrones fans out there? Aren’t you impatiently waiting for the premier of the next season of this thrilling series? What will happen? How interesting would it be? Well, I’m just so impatient right now! If you’re a huge Game of thrones fan you better watch this.

Game of Thrones fans got a surprise when they visited this shop in Santa Monica, California recently. Who should they find at the counter? None other than Maisie Williams, star of the hit HBO series – claiming to be Lorraine, the shop assistant. Maisie who plays Arya stark shocked the shoppers with her appearance as a sales girl. She has an amazing time with her fans taking part in a hidden camera stunt.

Maisie faced unsuspecting customers who claimed to recognize her who swore they recognized her from Game of Thrones, but couldn’t really figure out what she was doing behind the counter. She proves that she’s such an amazing actress by convincing one of the fans into believing that Arya Stark is a boy in real life. Holding up a mini Arya doll, she asked one shop-goer: ‘You think I’m this? This is a little boy. It looks nothing like me!’

She didn’t break character even once during this prank proving that she’s a pro in the acting business. She offered customers free Game of Thrones goodies if her fans were willing to act out some of the show’s more memorable scenes. The fans readily acted out scenes from the show,

Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season on April 24th on HBO. Don’t miss it cz things are going to get really interesting in the new season according to George RR Martin!

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