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Get Schooled! The Must Haves for The Backpack This Year! + Bonus Check List

As adults, we are aware that we never get a second chance to make a first impression. With that in mind, send your little one off to the classroom in style this year; with the coolest, hippest and trendiest school supplies of the moment.

Here it is! The fifteen, MUST HAVE, most important items in the school backpack this September.

1. Gaming Calculator

Make math fun with the Gaming Calculator. For under $10.00, it is sure to send your child’s math score as high as your score on Nintendo used to be back in the day!

2. Nail Polish Highlighting Markers

Mark up those notes, underline key phrases, and do it all in a girly, fashionable way. Nail Polish Highlighting Markers is a must have for the future “Clueless” fan in your family.

Nail Polish Highlighting Markers

3. Doughnut Scented Pencils

Bring the scent of breakfast with you all day long, stock up on Doughnut Scented Pencils. The teacher will be longing for a Dunkin Donuts break all day long!

4. Eraser Hats

Made a mistake? No problem, put a lid on it right away with these adorable Eraser Hats, just perfect for topping off a brand new # 2 pencil!

5. Converse Pencil Case

Be honest, mom! Did you rock the Converse and maxi dress look back in the early 90’s? You know you did, so why not send your child to school with a bit of the retro look. Check out Converse Pencil Case.

Converse Pencil Case

6. Sandwich Lunchbox

Forget the brown bag lunch, the Pixar lunch insulated bag. Bring a clunky cool metal lunchbox. Your child will love carrying around the Sandwich Lunchbox from Pixar. Lunchtime anyone?

7. Thumb Drive

Science teachers especially will get a laugh at your child’s unique USB drive, if you buy the thumb shaped Thumb Drive from eFuture. You may want to warn the teachers it is not a REAL thumb!

8. The Passport to Oz Pocket Notebook

When the bell rings at the end of the day, your child will never forget to jot down homework, as long as they come to school with the Passport to Oz pocket notebook from It’s compact, it’s catchy, and it’s bright green!

The Passport to Oz Pocket Notebook

9. PocketBac Hand Sanitizers

Make one stop on your back to school shopping list Bath and Body Works, where you can pick up some Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers in their newest scents. Take a special look at their Halloween selection; Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, Perfect Potion, and Twisted Web are sure to please any kid this fall!

10 & 11. R2D2 Backpack and R2D2 Thermos

The “Force” will be with your little one all day long, as long as they are sporting the R2D2 backpack from the Star Wars collection. Couple it with the matching R2D2 Thermos for extra galaxy fun!

12. Drumstick Pens

Your child will want to work as they “bang on the drum all day” with a set of Drumstick Pens. Extra perfect for music class!

Drumstick Pens

13. Shakespeare Insult Wallet

Show off their “smarty pants” with the Shakespeare Insult Wallet. It speaks 7 phrases from the Bard’s works. What an intellectual way to carry lunch money!

14. Minion Notebooks

Too much homework have your child feeling down? Let them put their “minions” to work with this set of Minion Notebooks for school from

15. Pirate Folders

Never lose a paper, a test, or a note from a teacher again. Keep your child organized with personalized Pirate Folders from

Bonus Check List

At kid 101 we also tried to find the best deals available for you. Check out the items on our Kid 101 First Day of School Check List + Other Essential School Supplies.

And there you have it, moms and dads, 15 of the must haves for Back to School this year + your essentials for any school!

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