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Glamping in the American Northeast – Around NYC

American Northeast is one of the most popular regions in the United States between the people who never get tired of new adventures. However, whether you are going there for hiking, exploring new places, admiring the landmarks or just have fun like never before, at the end of the day you still need a comfortable place where you could spend your resting time.

Here is our selection of 15 best places in American Northeast that you should consider booking when visiting this region:

Firelight King Tent

Located in Ithaca, just like the name suggests, this place is where you would feel like a king/queen. The best part about staying at Firelight King Tent is that there is a spa on the property where you can get your king/queen treatment. And if you are not really into that, you could just hang out with the other campers while eating the finger licking delicious breakfast or while chilling around the campfire every evening.

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