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Houston After Harvey – Places To Find Refuge! STAY SAFE HOUSTON!

The havoc wreaked by Harvey is now being assessed and although the deluge is over there still remains a huge amount of mopping up and work in getting services back to normal. However, it is the children who struggle to come to terms with their world being turned upside down.

Here are some updates from the government sites about emergency numbers and places that are open and those still closed so you can plan accordingly.

Emergency numbers:

For a medical/functional emergency call 211.
For a life-threatening emergency call 911.
For rescues call 281-238-3430
For information about shelters or help, dial 311 (from inside Houston).

Outside Houston, dial 211
Office Of Emergency Management  713-881-3100

Houston American Red Cross 713-526-8300 or 1-866-526-8300

Flood Control 713-684-4000


People in distress can call the following US Coast Guard numbers:

New Coast Guard Harvey emergency response line – 202-372-2100. When you call give your name, number of people trapped, number of pets, address and telephone number.



George R. Brown Convention Center 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010,

Phone: 713-853-8000

This Convention Center now has sufficient cots to accommodate people who need shelter – in the first couple of nights there was a serious shortage as over 8300 people took refuge there. Mountains of clothing and shoes have been donated. Bathroom conditions in the overcrowded center in this emergency are however less than ideal, but donations of supplies are coming in. With over 40% of the occupants being children The Save the Children organization http://www.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.9534789/k.9D36/Hurricane_Harvey.htm has stepped in and are  providing city shelters with family-friendly relief supplies such as baby shampoo, diapers and baby-safe portable tubs, cribs, strollers, and changing tables.

Keeping kids occupied

While adults are concerned with trying to rescue their belongings and dry out their homes they also need to protect their children from the aftermath of the disaster by keeping them busy.

Save the Children Organization has set up child-friendly spaces in shelters so kids can play and learn while parents are busy sorting out their emergency needs.

At the centers, parents can access specially trained staff to help the children in dealing with the emotional pain of loosing loved ones, pets, homes and toys. The trained staff will help them in coming to terms with other emotions that may have surfaced during and in the aftermath of the disaster.

There are a host of other places to find refuge – here’s a list:

Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center 6402 Market Street Houston Texas 77020,

Phone: 832-395-0895


Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center 4014 Market Street, Houston, Texas 77020

Phone: 832-393-3800


Sunnyside Multi-Service Center 9314 Cullen, Houston, Texas 77051,

Phone: 832-395-0069


Third Ward Multi-Service Center 3611 Ennis Street, Houston, Texas 77004,

Phone: 832-393-4051


West End Multi-Service Center 170 Heights Blvd, Houston, Texas 77007,

Phone: 832-393-5950


John Peavy Senior Center 3814 Market Street, Houston, Texas 77020,

Phone: 832-393-3800


Kashmere Gardens Branch Library 5411 Pardee, Houston, Texas 77026,

Phone: 832-393-2450


The following churches and schools are open and will assist:


Community of Faith Church1024 Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX 77091,

Phone: 713-688-2900


M.O. Campbell Education Center 1865 Aldine Bender Road, Houston, TX 77032,

Phone: 281-985-6110


Fallbrook Church12512 Walters, Houston, TX 77014,

Phone: 281-444-2733


Lyndale United Church 503 Reeid, Houston, TX 77002


Northshore High School – 9th Grade Campus 13501 Hollypark Dr.


Westside High School 14201 Briar Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77077,

Phone: 281-920-8000


Paul Revere Middle School 10502 Briar Forest Drive, Houston, TX 77042,

Phone: 713-917-3500


These YMCAs will assist:

MD Anderson YMCA 705 Cavalcade Street, Houston, TX 77009,

Phone: 713-697-0648


Trotter Family YMCA 1331 Augusta Drive, Houston, Texas 77057,

Phone: 713-781-1061


Gallery Furniture off I-45 North between Tidwell and Parker has food, water, and plenty of mattresses for those in need of shelter from flood waters.

BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions  is closed to the public  from Saturday until Tuesday September 5th, although animals will be rescued and housed.


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