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Love Story for Ages – Eternal love of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Just like in the movies.

Actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. When they met, they had left behind unsuccessful relationships and marriages. But their love for each other changed it all. offers you to get acquainted with the history of a happy family and see their pictures.

In 1983, they met on the set of “Swing Shift“. According to Kurt, he did not want to act, but stayed because of Goldie.

Before that, in 1968, life brought them together Goldie and Kurt at the stage of the musical “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.” They acted in small roles and went their own ways for 20 years, barely exchanging a word.

Life has given them a second chance. After three weeks of filming in the “Swing Shift” Kurt asked Goldie to teach him to dance the jitterbug. They met, but the dance did not happen – instead they chatted all night.

Actors decided not to get married. “I have a negative experience of the previous marriage,” Kurt’s first marriage lasted only four years, and Goldie was married twice: 7 years for Gus Trikonisom Hawn and 4 years for Billy Hudson.

They decided that it makes no sense to strengthen something that is already so tight.

Foster children loved the actor as a real father, and Kurt raised them as his children.

Goldie has also established a very good relationship with Boston, Kurt’s son. With the arrival of a biological son, Wyatt, the family has become even happier.

In the comedy “Overboard” Goldie and Kurt looked together so organically, it’s hard to imagine someone else in their place.

Goldie and Kurt together raised their children in love and fairness. Kate Hudson has grown up to become a real star of the movies, so did Oliver, he chose to follow in the footsteps of his parents, Boston became a graduate of Georgetown with two majors, and Wyatt wants to be a professional hockey player.

Over time, the large family expanded even more with the arrival of grandchildren. Kate got married, and Oliver got married as well.

Goldie and Kurt are always together and never get bored with each other.

They became one of Hollywood’s most famous couples who live together for more than three decades.

Kurt Russell: “We do not need marriage. We Goldie did not very much respect the social norms. But we respect each other … As a result, only 2 percent of our lives were really bad, another 2 percent – so-so, and the other 96 were simply magical!”

Goldie Hawn: “I like to wake up every day and see him there. It gives me the energy to live … ”

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