Fancy car honks at an elderly women, her reaction brought the house down. - Kid 101

Fancy car honks at an elderly women, her reaction brought the house down.

In the current world people have lost values and patience. People are in such a hurry running the rat race of life. They don’t understand that human value is degrading in the process.

All you impatient people can learn a very good lesson from the old lady in the video. Patience is an important value for any human being in the journey of life. And no one can test your patience better than an old lady crossing the road.

Many are the times that we encounter old ladies crossing the road. It takes them quite a while to do so.

How many times have you got annoyed?

How many times have you tooted your horn at them signaling them to move faster?

You better not try that business with this old lady. She is the old lady version of Wonderwoman. She will hit your vehicles so hard with her handbag that your air bag will deploy. (I wonder what’s in her handbag! Rocks?) She will teach you an extremely valuable lesson if you don’t wait for her to patiently cross the road.

This old, nicely dressed lady will be your biggest nightmare! You will be baffled after she hits your car. (The reaction on this man face is priceless. I think he is more ashamed than worried).

Watching this video will teach us a good lesson that we ought to be patient around old people and it shows how human values have lost.

Why couldn’t that man think about this lady and wait till she crossed the road?

What was so hard in it?

This video will give you all a good laugh and at the same time teach you a valuable lesson of the importance of patience.

Share it with your friends, and be on the look out for super grandma!

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