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Matt Damon Picks a Fight, But Was it Called For?

As we all know Matt Daimon and Jimmy Kimmel are archenemies for a long time. Jimmy can`t stand Matt and won`t ever call him to his show. Matt has tried everything that he can to get to Jimmy`s show. And sometimes has even succeeded. But of course, Jimmy has chased him away. Their hatred will never be over. Even if they are only two persons on Mars.

And Then came the 2016 Emmys. Jimmy Kimmel is the host and his „Jimmy Kimmel Live“ was nominated for the best  talk show and it didn`t win. And of course, that was the sign for Matt to attack Jimmy and make fun of him, as any nemesis should do one to another.

Then it happened. Matt walked on stage while Jimmy was still taking. When Jimmy saw His nemesis Matt he was annoyed and asked him what he wants. But Matt told him to relax. Matt said that he missed the last category and ask Jimmy the most painful question….Did he win the Emmy?

Jimmy looked at him with such a hate that you could see the steam going out of his ears. That kind of madness has never been seen on Jimmy, probably Guillermo was also afraid when he saw Jimmy in that condition. Jimmy said: „We didn`t win, alright?“ To wich „Evil“ Matt said: „That makes a lot of sense.“ Matt had just kept poking Jimmy like he is some angry bear who won`t hurt him, just looks dangerous. Matt asked them did he get the trophy? The only thing that could make Jimmy somewhat bearable to Matt. But of course, he didn`t win. The pain must have been unbearable for Jimmy. But Matt`s clear happiness was visible in his eyes. Matt was especially happy when he found out that Jon Oliver has won the Emmy. The joy of little Matt was even bigger.

This just showed how to biggest nemesis in the showbiz world can hate each other forever.

But in all honesty, their nemesis gag is one of the best and longest gags in the showbiz world. And we should hope that they will stay nemesis until death does them part.

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