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Medical Coders is the New Lawyer for Stay at Home Moms

COC Preparation Course

There are many institutes that provide the training courses. You have to be a member of AAPC to take the exam. So it’s always better to do the course from AAPC. You have the flexibility to complete the course at your own pace in your home. You get experts from AAPC to guide you. The course is designed to be over in 4 months. The course covers CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM coding and assures a broad knowledge in reviewing and assigning the correct codes used for coding and billing outpatient facility and ASC services to insurance companies.

The AAPC provides the Preparation Course along with 3 Practice Exams, COC Examination, FREE Code Books, and Hands-on Experience to its members. The preparation course fee for AAPC training package is $4749. But currently, a 41% discount is going through which makes the fee $2,795.

Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC)

The CIC Exam is for individuals who want their career as an inpatient facility coder or inpatient hospital coder only. AAPC membership is required. It gives you sa olid understanding of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology required to correctly code facility services and diagnoses.

An overall score of 70% or higher is required to pass an exam. For examinees who do not pass, only the areas of study/categories with a score of 65% or less are provided for examinees’ preparation.

According to AAPC, the average salary for CIC is $49,713 annually.T he Exam fee is $380.

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