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MomTypes – Where Do I Fit In?

My husband and I had the brilliant idea to move just as our oldest son was starting school. Not only has he gone to three schools in two years, but his life has been completely and utterly uprooted. Oh, who am I kidding, he’ll be fine…kids are totally adaptable. Moms, on the other hand, are not!

I developed some major anxiety and self doubt during our hellacious move, a process which took well over a year. Thankfully, we are finally starting to settle. Somehow through all of this, I’ve become socially akward! What the heck?! I used to be such a people person, able to chat it up with just about anyone. Not anymore!

Making friends in your 30s is hard! Life is busy! It’s not like I go places just to hang out anymore, but I DO frequent my son’s school and activities. Unfortunately, I’m an outsider now…I’m the new kid! I try not to be judgemental, but when you don’t know anyone, it’s really easy to start grouping people together AND asking yourself where you fit in?!

Prim & Proper Moms – These super women spend their days in corporate America. Even when I had a full-time job outside of the home, it was in a very laid back setting. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a suit in my life. These ladies mean business, literally. They put in long hours at work and still manage to make it to their kids art shows with smiles on their faces.

Super Model Moms – Put together from head to toe every-single-day, you will never run into these women at the grocery store without make-up. They accessorize. Sure, I may have an entire jewelry box full of baubles, but do I ever think or take the time to wear any of it?…nope! They have really real, really expensive hand bags, and everything about them is gorgeous. I smile sheepishly as I cling tightly to my tote bag (purse) that I may or may not have used as a shopping bag the week prior. I try to remember when the last time was that I washed my hair, let alone gone to a salon!

Homeschool Moms – I probably fit into this category more than any others. Like most homeschool families that I know, our family is pretty crunchy. We cloth diapered, we made our own baby food, we’re very conscientious about what we put in and on our bodies and think that vinegar and coconut oil are the answers to everything. There’s just one, teensy tiny detail…I don’t homeschool! I honestly don’t know how these women do it, my kids don’t listen to anything I say, let alone anything I try to teach them!

Laid Back Moms – Oh man, I WISH I could be one of these women, but my Type A personality forbids me from doing so. These women do everything with ease. And if there is one minor detail, or even ten, missing from their kid’s birthday party they don’t worry about it! They chuck it in the f*ck it bucket, move on and have a good time. These women need to be in my life to balance my OCD.

Sporty Moms – These Moms live in activewear and ball caps! They spend all of their free time at the gym and make you feel like a couch potato even when you haven’t sat down once all day. They know everything about every sport, so befriend these women when your kid decides to join the water polo or roller derby team!

Volunteer Moms – I like to think that once our younger son is in school, I will become one of these women, but I won’t hold my breath. These Moms are at school more than their kids…and they know more about YOUR kid’s school life than you do. They are organized and have never had a Pinterest fail. They make juggling this crazy thing called motherhood look easy.

Rabbit Moms – You know what I’m talking about. These ladies have more kids than you can count. How do they do it?! Wait…no, I don’t mean THAT! I mean, how do they keep track of all of their children and still remain sane?? I only have two kids and can barely keep it together.

So, where does that leave me?

The other day, I volunteered for the Spring party at my son’s school. I nervously grabbed my bags out of my car hoping that the kids wouldn’t think that my activity was lame and that the party would be a success. As I walked up the hill, I was greeted by a familiar face. “Yay, I actually know someone!” As we walked into school, I looked around and realized that almost every Mom was carrying a (very smart) utility tote similar to my own. Sure, it felt a little Stepford, but it also made me realize that we’re all the same. No matter what our background, our profession, our lifestyle, we’re all choosing the best bag we can to carry our own burdens. Like I tell my kids, the world would be a very boring place if we were all exactly the same.


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