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My compassionate young daughter gets adorably emotional

This adorable video will make You burst into tears! When was the last time You saw a toddler get emotional over a cartoon or a video? Below is a video where You can see that happen.

Toddlers are cute even just by doing nothing, but this is just too adorable. Dad set up a camera in his car and was filming his daughter, while she was watching a cartoon about a lost baby penguin. The results were adorable!

The compassionate young child got very emotional at that moment. Gotta love kids for this sort of thing. It’s so perfectly adorable how she bursts into tears in the end, when the baby penguin safely returned home to it’s parents. It seems that only kids nowadays can appreciate everything that’s around us and this is proof to that. Of course, there are some exceptions. As it turns out, this particular video has made adults burst into tears as well.

This video even makes You stop and think about life for a minute, as well as many other videos and pictures where You can see this kind of touchy moments. This video reveals how little ones are deeply affected by what they are watching and what is said to them, how they are treated and how they see adults treat others.

Sometimes, we must stop and strive to have the heart and soul of a child. They are the most precious gifts from God. If we all did this the world would be a much better place. Even if just a little for only a short while.

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