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My Dad’s Story

Growing up under the care of a single parent isn’t bad, but every little child ought to have both parents by their side always. Unfortunately for me, the story was different.

I never got to know my mother because she left my father when the going got tougher after I was born. My father loved me so much. He said I always smiled even as a baby and my smile gave warmth to his troubled heart.

As I grew up, we spent a lot of time together. He’d always pick me up from school and walk me home, but not without taking me to the restaurant to eat while he acted like he wasn’t hungry. He’d sometimes take us on a walk through the park where he’d buy me ice cream but wouldn’t buy any for himself. He often lied and told me the doctor said he couldn’t eat some certain types of food.

My father made me believe we had everything we wanted, even though it was obvious to everyone else that we didn’t – my small brain couldn’t comprehend it at that time.

He gave me all that I needed as a child and was probably grateful that I didn’t ask for more than he could afford.

My father was a good man… but he did something he’d always warned me not to ever do in life.

He lied… he lied to me.

He said he had money.

He said he had a job.

He told me he isn’t hungry even though he was.

He told me he wasn’t tired of carrying me when on our way home even though he was.

He told me we had everything even though we didn’t.

He lied… because of me… because he loved me.

I don’t know about you, but even though my father lied to me, I still love him and I will always do no matter what.

Whoever I am, and whatever I will achieve tomorrow is all because of his struggles to provide for me… to train me into becoming who I want to be.

I want to be a wealthy and influential lady when I grow up, and I’d love to give daddy all that he ever lacked because he wanted me to have the best. I want him to remember that what goes around comes around… it only takes time.

And to all the fathers in the world toiling day and night to make sure their kids have all they need to have a better life, here’s a big thank you from me to you…

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