Rapunzel is real.

Guess what? Rapunzels back in town with hair of length of 74 inches. And this time, she is real and she has a whole family of followers. Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell is a mom of 5 with 3 daughters following in her footsteps. She has been growing her hair all her life.

Today they have more than 13 feet of hair between them. Each girl uses a quarter of a bottle of conditioner each time they wash their hair. They must be spending a fortune on just conditioner itself. And my mom scolds me that I finish the bottle of conditioner real fast Just like the actual Rapunzel, Tere Lynn was able to grab the attention of many, especially her husband’s when they were teenagers.

They are the champions of every single hair competition in the state of Illinois. (At least they are making some use of their hair) They have such healthy hair that they amazed the people at the salon. Believe it or not, this is their first visit there. The most serious conversation that the mom has with her kids is about hair.

Oh, i wish my mother’s only serious conversation would be about hair. Although Tere Lynn has grown her hair her whole life she will not force her kids to do so and she believes it’s their decision to do so and they should be mature enough. (I don’t have to be mature to decide when I want to cut my hair. I can do it even now).

Tere Lynn and her kids have the healthiest hair I have ever seen in my life. Their hair looks gorgeous. Anyone would get attracted to those beautiful locks of hair. They’re breathtaking. I just hope that this family will continue to be Rapunzels and mesmerize people with the beauty of their hair.

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