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15 Best Day Trips From San Antonio You Never Thought Of

New Braunfels (one hour)

New Braunfels not only overflows with old-world charm but also offers the most amazing nature and recreation. The drive from San Antonio is just over an hour and you can park in the small town and then head straight to the water. There are two rivers, the Comal and Guadalupe which are both beautiful to swim in or picnic alongside. Enjoy tubing and kayaking, and there are tons of nature trails for walkers, hikers, and cyclists. Downtown New Braunfels has a large selection of restaurants including waffle houses and ice cream parlors, craft beer bars and farm style delicatessens. There are tons of specialty stores with, you’ve guessed it, a lot of emphasis on fishing! If you’re a fisherman you will fall in love with the rivers here. And if you’re after a bit of adventure, you’ll fall in love with Schlitterbahn, a state of the art water theme park with water roller coasters, giant hot tubs, sky coasters, water skinning and wake boarding. Head out in the early morning, spend a few hours at the waterpark or at the rivers, head into town for lunch and then enjoy a couple more hours wandering and rambling the town. Take a change of clothes so you can flit between the water and the town.

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