School Holidays

With six weeks of the school holidays ahead of me I’ve noticed that mums are falling into two distinct camps.

There is the mum who just can’t wait. They are literally counting down the days before they can be free of the school run and get to spend all day with their little cherubs. Holidays booked, day trips planned, play dates fixed. They are raring to go and they will do it in style. Social media will be flooded with enviable photos of their escapades.

Then there are the likes of me. The mum who is filled with fear and impending doom. We love our kids but, really… 6 weeks!! What on earth are we meant to do with them for 6 whole weeks? We start to google “how long is too long to be on the iPads?” before re-entering “educational holiday clubs that your kids will love you for”.

After a roller coaster of exams, end of term parties and celebrations, I can’t help but feel that I am tantamount to the morning after the night before… How am I ever going to live up to the razzmatazz of the weeks that came before?

I hope they will be tired, will at least have a few lay-ins to recuperate. No such luck, my two seem more eager than ever to be up and screaming by 7.00am in the morning. “Where are we going?”, “Who are we seeing?”, “What are we doing after?”, “What are we going to eat?”, “Where’s my iPad?”. I am already crumbling under the expectation. By the time we’ve had breakfast, watched Toy Story (1, 2 and 3), done some drawing and stickers, baked some biscuits and read some stories, it still only lunch time! Just 7 hours to go then… Who knew there were so many hours in the day! I have a new found respect for all the teachers in the world.

Some of my lazy parenting favourites:

1. A movie – 2 hours in the dark with a drink and packet of sweets. With any luck it will be half decent or you’ll get an hour’s snooze. A win / win situation.

2. A playdate – definitely worth it if the kids get on and you have a fellow mum to gossip with. If the other mum also supplies a playdate dinner then you have hit the jackpot

3. A holiday club – get someone else to do the entertaining whilst you have an hour or two drink a coffee in peace. Surely the kids will prefer two hours with a football coach than two hours with me in the garden kicking footballs in my flip flops…?

4. Soft play – 3 hours in a windowless warehouse is not for the fainthearted but does provide endless entertainment, one less burger to cook and will (hopefully) wear them out completely. Bullseye!

I know the day will come when then hang out with their mates all day down the skate park, and that will come with a whole new set of stress and worry. Maybe I should be pleased they are safely at home where I can see them and, let’s be honest, there is also nothing better than spending all morning in our PJs and eating biscuits!

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