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Secret Flower Gardens in New York City

Conservatory Garden at Central Park

The Conservatory Garden is located at Central Park and is open from 8 Am – dusk. The tranquil, quiet air of the Garden, free from runners and bicyclists, makes it a perfect spot for weddings and evening strolls. The Garden is made out of three unique parts. The central area of the Conservatory Garden is a symmetrical lawn. It is edged by twin allées of crabapples and supported by a bend wisteria pergola against the steep slope, which is overwhelmed at its horizon by a goliath American Sycamore. Towards left on the south side you can see the garden of blended herbaceous outskirts in wide concentric groups around The Secret Garden water lily pool. Towards the right side of the Central formal plat is a garden likewise in concentric circles. It has two emotional periods of a massed show, of tulips in the spring and Korean chrysanthemums in the fall.

Location: 402 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

Contact: (212) 310-6600


Heather Garden

The Heather Garden is a four-season garden and highlights one of the biggest health and heather collections in the nation. The garden’s three sections of land are home to trees, shrubs, and perennials, including many assortments of heaths and heathers, all giving shading, surface, and enthusiasm for each season. A changing selection of vivid annuals adds to the garden’s sentimental richness. The garden attracts birds, butterflies, and other useful wildlife and creepy crawlies. The garden is arranged on inclines in excess of 200 feet over the Hudson River and offers dazzling perspectives also. Every April, we shear the heathers, an assignment that energizes thick flat development and guarantees the garden’s wonder. While many of fall’s flowers, berries, and colorful leaves persist into the winter months, Winter Heath steals the show, turning the Heather Bed into an undulating wave of pink and white from mid-winter through early spring. Scotch Broom, Lilacs, Flowering Quince, Daphne, and Peonies perfume the air, and the rock garden slope is ablaze with spring color. Old-world Roses, Hydrangeas, and Spireas reach their peak, as colors shift from the soft whites of Buttonbush, Mock Orange, and Giant Fleeceflower to the deep purples and vibrant yellows of False Indigo, Butterfly Bushes, and Yarrow in Summer. Garden drama heightens with spectacular fall foliage colors, the glossy purple berries of Beautyberry, and sweeps of dramatic white Japanese Anemone.

Location: Fort Tryon Park, 1 Margaret Corbin Drive, New York, NY 10040

Contact: 212-795-1388 x 300

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