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September 14 – National Eat A Hoagie Day And Cream Filled Donut Day

Today is all about food and when two of the best kinds of foods celebrate their national day on the same day, who says you can’t have both? September 14th marks National eat a hoagie day and cream filled donut day. Incorporate them both into your day to make it extra special… or combine them into one. Hoagie donuts exist… they just look more like donut burgers. Celebrate both today and get creative with it (it’s national live creative day too, after all).

Donut let anyone stop you from celebrating these sweet and savory treats today… but if your diet insists, why not get some donut inspiration instead of raking up those calories? A wide variety of quirky donut products can be found online (sadly, not as much hoagie items) like donut shoes, scatter cushions and even soap!

Here’s some creamy and meaty donut and hoagie facts:

    • In the U.S each year over 10 billion donuts are made!

Donuts were originally called “olykoeks,” by the Dutch, which translates to “oily cake translates

  • : the city that has one donut shop for every 2480 people!
  • Spudnuts were once a highly popular donut chain made from potatoes!
  • 10 people in the U.S have their last name as “Doughnut” or “Donut” – out of the love for the food or it being their real name, we won’t know.
  • Not just a fan of cops, but soldiers too – during World War 1, soldiers were given donuts and coffee in the trenches of France to remind them of home.
  • One of the most amazing sounding hoagies – made with traditional Italian lunch meats, including dry salami, mortadella, capicola, and provolone served with lettuce, tomato and onions with a light vinegar and oil dressing was the original but is now classified as the “Italian Hoagie”
  • The official sandwich of Philadelphia declared in 1992 by Ed Renedell – a former mayor
  • Subs became known as hoagies due to workers on Navy Boats on Hog Island being called “hoggies” – the original spelling of hoagie. It’s either that or that it was named after an Irish doc worker – “Hogan”

Make your own if you want to get really creative – here’s a recipe for hoagie rolls and cream filled donuts.

Celebrate today – stuff yourself full of hoagies and donuts. Or pretend that you’re a cream stuffed donut and fill yourself up with cream. We don’t judge here. Treat yourself.


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