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September 22 – National Hobbit Day!

September 22 is National Hobbit Day. Why? It is the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins who are the main characters in J.R.R Tolkien’s masterpieces. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings incorporate these fun characters. While they have the same day of celebration, Bilbo is born in 2890 and Frodo in 2968 in the Third Age. (Or 1290 and 1368 in Shire-Reckoning).

September 22 also happens to be National Car Free Day and National Legwear Day – which both can be celebrated along with Hobbit Day. The books revolve around a long journey that is mostly completed on hairy feet – meaning, no cars. And if you type in “Hobbit leggings” into google, a wide variety of shopping sites pop up selling just that.

Celebrate today with a pair of brand-new Middle Earth leggings and a walk around. Take the bus to work or school, ride a bike or stay in your Hobbit-hole.

Hobbit Facts

  • Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week was first proclaimed in 1978.
  • The first book in The Lord of the Rings opened on Bilbo’s birthday – celebrated with a huge party, feats, dancing, merriment and magical fireworks.
  • This day is celebrated by some fans by throwing hobbit party replicas with feasts while others celebrate by going barefoot in honor of the hobbits, who don’t wear shoes.
  • School’s use this day as an excuse to get children to read some of Tolkien’s work. Or to just get children to read, period.
  • The Hobbit was originally written by John Ruel Tolkien as a fairytale to read to his sons. He got so carried away with his work that he drew maps, poems, songs and even created a language. Now, that’s passion.
  • They highly enjoy eating, drinking, smoking pipe-weed and socializing.
  • A day full of Hobbit-inspired activities such as throwing rings, jumping in bags and general outdoor games. Inside activities include putting a hat on a hobbit, drawing a portrait blindfolded and a wide range of quizzes.
  • Also referred to as Halflings, Hobbits are a race from Middle-Earth who live in the Shire and detest adventures.
  • Hobbits are relatives of the race of men, according to the books.
  • They are very short, the tallest hobbit recorded was four and a half feet! Their average height is only between two and four feet.
  • Dressing in bright colors (mostly green and yellow), they are shy but can have great courage.
  • Their feet are covered in curly hair, and they have strong, leathery soles for walking around.
  • With the life expectancy of 100 years, the oldest Hobbits have been 130 years old or more.

Meals of the Ordinary Hobbit:

Food is their main pleasure and Hobbits will eat whenever possible. Their everyday meals include:

  • Breakfast
  • Second Breakfast
  • Elevensies
  • Luncheon
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Dinner and finally,
  • Supper

So, go for a barefoot walk, eat as much as possible, wear some comfortable pants, read the books or watch the movies today to celebrate. We shire hope you have an enjoyable day.


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