She forgot to close her garage door, when she looked at her camera, she was stunned. - Kid 101

She forgot to close her garage door, when she looked at her camera, she was stunned.

This is a footage from a home security video, from a house in the U.S. – a boy sneaks in a woman’s house to give her dog Dutchess a hug. The woman owning the house is shocked by this video. In the video, a boy was riding his bike and saw a dog in the garage, jumped off his bike and ran to give the dog a hug and then quickly ran away. After seeing this adorable footage, the homeowner posted this video online, looking for the boy, to tell him, that he more than welcome to play with her dog.

A neighbor recognized that child in the video and tagged the boy’s mother on the video. As it turns out, he was regularly sneaking in this garage to give this dog a hug. As he later explained, he wanted a dog for himself, for a long time, after he lost his own dog about a year ago. This kind of simple love between kids and animals are a rare thing to find nowadays. Bless this little boy’s heart and let us hope that he will get a dog of his own very soon.

Still the woman is happy he visits and posted this video online. It didn’t take long for Josh to return to the garage to play with Dutchess, this time with permission. The boy’s mother posted several selfies of her son and his new best friend. This video got over 25 million views on Facebook. People even offered them dogs for free, because they knew that they would end up in a loving family. The homeowner told that she is happy her black labrador, Dutchess, has been able to help the young boy cope with his loss.

“He’s the sweetest little boy,” she told to the news team. “Its’ a win-win. They both get a friend.”
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