She is only 8, but when she opened her mouth… WOW

Music speaks what cannot be expressed
Soothes the mind and gives it rest
Heals the heart and makes it whole
Flows from heaven to the soul

Every once in a while there comes along someone special who blows away everyone’s minds with something they do.

So when Eba came on to the stage of The Voice kids 2016 looking timid and shy I don’t think that anyone expected to hear an extremely amazing performance.  She starts the song very subtly in a very sweet tone making the judges think “oh! It’s going to be just another performance”, but little did they know. Just 11 seconds after she started singing the first judge turns impressed by her voice. She continues to sing with so much feeling. It’s evident that she is in character when you look at her face. More confident than before she begins to sing with power and poise. She belts out the chorus with confidence making the rest of the judges press their buzzers and turn their chairs without thinking twice. They are awe struck. They know that she is one of the best they’ll ever get to train and work with. (Every time I listen to her performance I end up having goosebumps) She continues singing with a smile impressed with herself knowing that she did what she came here for. But, that doesn’t stop her from impressing the audience. She continues singing, giving goosebumps to the rest of the audience making them clap non stop.

She has exceeded all expectations and put up a mesmerizing performance.

She is filled with emotion after she ends her performance with the non stop cheering from the crowd. She is in tears. All the positive comments from the judges assures her that she has done a great job. What a performance!

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