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Surviving the First Weekend Away from the Kids

We all need a break. It does a body and mind good. I just went on my first weekend away without the kids. They are 3.5 years old and 18 months old. A weekend away is probably something we should have done sooner and to be honest, I’m not sure why we didn’t.

The kids stayed with family over the weekend and I flew to Chicago to meet my husband who was already there for work. A few things surprised me on my first weekend away and I did some other things that I recommend other parents should do too.

1. Pack more for the kids than yourself. The hardest part was getting ready to go. I packed all the kid’s stuff and yes, all their gear was 10 times more than I packed for my weekend away. I had one small carry-on suitcase.

2. Expect Anxiety. I talked to my son about how I was going to go on an airplane to see Daddy and he was going to have a sleepover. He was doing great with the separation until the night before. Cue the tears! Yes, my sons and mine. As I was putting him to bed the night before leaving, he was crying saying he didn’t want any sleepovers. I knew he would be fine but it broke my heart. I didn’t sleep well that night. I guess I had some of my own anxiety.

3. Enjoy Peace and Quiet. The morning I left was great. The kids wanted snuggles. We were organized. My son was actually excited about his sleepovers. Maybe, it was because he finally realized he would be spoiled. My in-laws picked up the kids before I went to the airport. It was a strange feeling being in the house without them. It was quiet. At the airport, more peace. I just had to worry about myself. I read a book, checked facebook, and even played a game on the iPad. Can’t remember the last time I had this kind of downtime.

4. Unplug, if possible. I could tell that my phone was going to be my connection to the kids. I would look at the time and wonder what they were doing. I would want to text family to check in and see how dinner was and if they were playing nicely. At the last minute, I decided to leave my phone at the hotel when we went out to dinner that first night. My husband had his phone so we could be reached in case of an emergency. Best decision ever! I was able to relax, enjoy our time together and unwind. I would check in with the kids in the morning and before we went to dinner. I had pictures and texts waiting for me after our day in the city.

5. Sleep In Okay this is easier said than done. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. mad. I wanted to sleep later. Guess those days are gone. But I did enjoy coffee and relax before starting the day. The best part. I could do my hair and makeup without little ones rushing me.

6. Don’t get back to reality till you get Home. Part of me wanted to plan out my week at the airport on the way home. Instead, my husband suggested that we grab a drink at an airport bar. Good idea! I was able to relax before the mad rush when we got home.

We got home right at bedtime. The hugs and snuggles from the kids when they saw me was incredible. I missed them, but I feel like I’m able to be a better mom now. My batteries have been recharged and I’m ready to go. It was a good thing because bedtime routine was waiting for us. Hopefully, it won’t be another 3.5 years until my next weekend away.

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