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Frozen Wonders – Iceland

Have you ever undertaken a trip through some of the world’s wildest mountain ranges or witnessed the calving icebergs and glaciers?  Have you ever seen the nose of an orca, aka killer whale, breaking through the ice in real life? (No worries, we’ve learned from the native Inuits that killer whales eat only fish and are never a threat to humans, preferring fish, seals, sea lions, smaller whales and even larger whales.)

We now have a more sophisticated view and understanding of Arctic wildlife and their behavior. The Inuit know about what whales eat, how they hunt and capture prey, how the prey responds to the whales and when and where predation events occurred. They will guide you in keeping your distance so you can be awed when you do see any of these spectacular views.

These majestic mammals can be spotted in all their splendor in one of their most stunning natural habitats: Iceland!

If you visit in November, travel from Staattut to the village of Niaqornat, 300 miles above the Arctic Circle on Greenland’s west coast. If the sled dogs begin to howl, the villagers will tell you that the dogs most likely heard the spouts of narwhals. These whales come equipped with spiral unicorn tusks and usually swim into Uummannaq Fjord this time of year as they migrate south.

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