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The Best Turkey Recipe for Healthy, Tasty Thanksgiving that Will Have Your Family Begging For More

Picking Turkey

If you are going to cook the turkey at home and hoping to get a tasty dish, you should only choose a fresh young bird. Make sure poultry skin is light and smooth (not slippery), and meat – dense and elastic.

The abdomen of fresh turkey is usually moist and shiny, light pink legs – smooth and gray eyes – bulging and transparent, with no muddy spots. The most delicious meat is from a turkey whose age reaches 16 weeks, and the weight – 11.5 lbs. You should not try to get the biggest bird, the rule of thumb, is the older the bird the tougher and dry the meat will be, even after few hours of cooking.

Methods of preparing turkey

Turkey can be stewed, boiled, fried in a pan, baked in the oven, on a spit in the foil with stuffing or without filling. As a stuffing for the turkey, the most popular are fruits, mushrooms, chestnuts, liver, dried fruits, nuts, rice, potatoes and other vegetables. Turkey is very tasty in a fruit glaze and with different kinds of sauces, often turkey is also cooked in wine or champagne.


Rub Ingredients Stuffing Ingredients
Turkey 1 Rice – 1 Cup
Salt – to taste Dried Plum – 1.5lbs
Pepper – to taste Walnuts – 1.5lbs
Sour Cream – 1 cup Apples – 1.5lbs
Butter – 2oz
Mayonnaise – 2oz


Secrets to cooking the turkey

Buy a turkey no earlier than two days before cooking. Turkey should be thoroughly washed under water and wiped dry inside and out, and after that covered with foil and placed in the refrigerator.

Frozen turkey requires slow thawing – either indoors or in cold water, which should be periodically changed. Remember that a bird weighing 20lbs can be thawed for two days. Never expose frozen or cold turkey to heat treatment, because only room temperature meat will come out soft and juicy. An hour before cooking, remove the bird from the fridge.

It is better to marinade the turkey before cooking it so that the meat will be more tender and tasty. For the marinade use water, wine, champagne, brandy and sugar, honey, spices, herbs, lemon, and garlic. The turkey should be marinated for 1 day. Instead of marinating you can rub the turkey inside and out with a mixture of garlic, salt, olive oil and rosemary, leaving it for a few hours to soak.


Soak prunes in warm water for 30 mins, then wash them and dry them. Clean the apples inside and out. Wash the rice. Turn everything once in meat grinder: nuts, apples, and prunes. Mix everything together in a bowl, rice, nuts, apples, prunes. Voila.

Fill the turkey with stuffing (not very tight) and sew the hole.

How to cook a turkey in the oven, so that the meat will turn out to be tender?

Place the bird breast side down on a baking sheet in a sleeve or foil, set the temperature of 335-380 degrees and bake, pouring its own juices on top once in a while…

Cooking time is calculated from the weight of the meat (including the stuffing) – for every 16oz add to 18 minutes.

Don’t forget to take off the stitches before serving 🙂 Presentation is everything so put out sliced orange and lemon pieces around the turkey

Bon Appetite.

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