The Endeavor for Education – Or How Harsh Things Can Be

Kids go to class every day, either by bus, cars or by walk. They confront no hardships with regards to reaching school. Despite the fact that a few people claim strolling on impeccably safe streets for a couple of minutes is an issue, for many children it is not an easy task walking to and from school. In areas desolated by conflict or disasters, both man-made and natural, the road is long and loaded with hindrances.

Children in Indonesia’s Banten province and China’s Guangxi province, some as young as four years old, also travel to school along a river on unstable rafts because other routes to the school, along a flooded mountain path, are even more dangerous.

This two and a half minute effort demonstrating to us the luxuries of a child from the U.S. in contrast to the battle of an unprivileged Guatamelan kid just to make it to his nearest school shows us that we are so blessed to have every one of these extravagances, and the perils others face.

“This video from School the World really moved me and has struck a cord with parents from all over the world. It was so vivid it helped us stand in this child’s shoes. We can’t help but think of our own children and the contrast speaks right to the heart. I have reached out to School the World to help because I can feel the change they are making in the lives of so many children,” says Oprah’s favorite parenting expert Dr. Shefali.

These troublesome cases are examples of how difficult it is for kids far and wide to get to school. As indicated by a June report from UNESCO, 57 million kids or 11 percent of all children of grade school age aren’t going to class. Right around a fourth of those kids had gone to class yet dropped out. One reason is because the journeys are too long, troublesome or even unsafe.

What’s more awful, advance in connecting children to schools has slowed down in the course of recent years, as indicated by UNESCO. Between 2005 and 2011, the number of children out of school fell by 13.3 million, compared to 31.5 million between 2000 and 2005.

Every child deserves an education and the satisfaction we see on their faces after making it to school after hours of walking just to learn makes them deserve it even more. The least we can do is show them our support.

If you want to support the efforts of bringing new schools to little kids all over the world, please donate here to School Of The World.

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