The Great Bed Gamble - Kid 101

The Great Bed Gamble

You know how when you go on vacation and have to sleep in a new bed you can never get a good night’s sleep on the first night?! Well, imagine having that feeling every…single…night.

This is my life.

I never know what bed…floor…couch I’m going to sleep in or on. Not because I’m a vagrant. Quite the contrary. I have a lovely home with four beds and a pull out couch.

So why, you ask, do I not sleep in the same bed every night?

One word…kids!

Seriously, maybe this is all my fault. I’m an enabler. I admit it.

My kids rarely saw the inside of their crib. Sure, we had one, but for the most part we co-slept.

For awhile it worked out just fine. When our first son was about 2 ½  years old he decided to sleep through the night in the queen size bed that we had put in his room (in addition to the crib). We knew that this setup was too good to be true and so before his little brother arrived we decided to sidecar the entire crib to our bed.

As predicted, once our second son arrived, our first son shimmied himself back between my husband and I each night, while our little one slept soundly in the crib (right next to me). I’m not going to lie, there were nights when I debated whether or not I should crawl into the crib with him just so I would have more room.

Once our little guy was around 2 ½ years old they both decided to venture back to the queen size bed in their room. This lasted for awhile.

Until, we decided it was a good idea to move.

A year later (we had been living in a rental while we house hunted) we found our forever home. We went all out creating the boys’ dream room with a full size bed and a twin size loft. We thought we were golden.


Don’t get me wrong, they like our new house, but for some reason they have both decided that it’s okay to be transient. Typically, our younger son begins the night in the full size bed, while our older son begins in the twin. IF our older son does not fall asleep right away, he will ask if he can go into our room when we go back downstairs. When this happens, my husband moves him into his own bed when we come up for the night.

One or both of them still manages to find their way back to our room most nights.

Sometimes the two of them will pass out on the pullout couch after a family movie or choose to sleep there on a weekend night. Every now and then they will both stay there ALL night. It’s glorious.

If not, one or both of them still manages to will find their way back upstairs and in our bed (of course).

Fortunate for him, unfortunate for me, my husband is a VERY sound sleeper. He also snores…a lot. So, when my precious angels bring all of their 38” and 45” inches into our bed and stick their knees, elbows, feet and or fists into my ribs, face, etc. it’s time for me to make a quick exit to whatever semi-comfortable surface is free.

Once I’m settled in my new location, one or both of them still manages to find their way to wherever it is that I am sleeping and shimmy themselves in next to me.

I know, I know…someday they will grow up and not only not want to snuggle me, but not be caught dead sleeping next to me. But until then, I’ll just complain about it.

Oh well, at least I have options.

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