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The Pancakes in New York City To Die For

Vinegar Hill House

Slightly sour it is, but caught American pancake lovers almost like a cult These fluffy hot cakes in Vinegar Hill house near the Brooklyn Bridge park is worth visiting. Daourdough is the famous pancake here.

Speciality: Foodie-in-Training Pancake

Where: Vinegar Hill House, 72 Hudson Ave. Dumbo

Contact: 718-522-1018

The Stanton Social

Cookies for breakfast is a possible? You may not want to make The Stanton Social’s Oreo cookie pancakes a weekly habit – you’re kids are sure to stay on a sugar high all Sunday – but you can’t try these incredible confections, drizzled with icing. It’s a pancake that really takes brunch to a whole new level. The caramelized banana pancake is a famous product of Stanton.

Specialty: The Dessert for Breakfast

Where: The Stanton Social 99 Stanton St. Lower East Side

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