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The Pancakes in New York City To Die For


For the power player breakfast, NORMA’s menu also includes an amazing variety of pancakes. These huge, fluffy circles of yum come in interesting flavor combinations such as Super Blueberry, Banana-Macadamia Nut Flapjacks, Nutella-Packed Jacks and Country-Style Buttermilk. There’s no kid’s menu here, but that’s because their whole menu is designed with dishes that kids love to eat – especially pancakes.

Specialty: Power Player Pancake

Where: NORMA’s, 119 W 57th St. Midtown

Cafe Luluc

In a little French bistro on a crowded street in Cobble Hill, you will find some of the best pancakes in Brooklyn. More like a donut than a pancake, this round, floppy circles of perfection sprinkled with powdered sugar are only served with real maple syrup. During the weekend brunch hours, there’s obviously a reason you’ll see a plate of pancakes on every table – they’re that good You’re up early anyway, right? If your kids are on the louder side, never fear, they have outdoor seating in a lovely back garden as well. And come with cash as credit cards are almost a taboo here.

Where: Café Luluc, 214 Smith St. Cobble Hill

Phone: 718-625-3815

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