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The Sleepover

For weeks, our boys have been begging to have a sleepover with their friends. So, when my friend mentioned that her husband was going out of town, I offered to bring the boys over for a sleepover to keep her company.

It all began on Friday evening. Earlier in the day I had instructed the boys to pack their overnight bag (they actually listened for once, because they really wanted to sleepover their friends’ house), Unfortunately, I had yet to find time to pack my own stuff.

After frantically writing down everyone’s food requests so that I could place a take-out order (during the dinner rush) hoping that we could eat before midnight (naively thinking that the children would actually be asleep by then), I FINALLY packed all of my necessities and shoved our sleeping bags, pillows and blankets into the back of my car (in the pouring rain, of course!). Whew!

My friend and I had a lovely evening stuffing our faces with Thai food, while orchestrating our typical wrangling of five children.

Around nine-thirty we attempted to settle them down by putting on a movie. This lasted for about fifteen minutes before one of them spotted a lightning bug outside and begged us to get jars so that they could go hunting. Seriously, how do you say no to that?!After spraying them down with bug spray (wait! I wonder if bug spray deters lightning bugs too?! Hmm…never thought of that…oops!) Anyhow, after spraying them down they went on their merry way for about a half an hour.

Of course, running around outside made them work up an appetite. So we got them snacks and drinks. After said snacks and drinks we went through the whole brushing teeth/getting ready for bed production. I have no idea how you people that actually have five (or more) kids do this every night?!

Several hours and about a million giggles later, all of the kiddos were asleep. As I looked over at my big guy, I realized that he hadn’t used the bathroom before snuggling up. Ugh! The last thing any of us wanted was an accident. So I lifted all 47 pounds of him (which feels like a million when you’re already half asleep yourself) and took him into the bathroom.

Sadly, I’m not nearly as agile with the whole taking a sleeping child to the bathroom process as my much stronger husband is, and so our 6-year-old woke up. Thinking it was so cool that he was awake and no one else was, it took him another hour to fall back asleep.

I opted to sleep on the floor with four out of the five kids, because I knew that at least one of my guys would try to find me in the middle of the night anyway. I didn’t want to risk them waking everyone else up, so I just stayed put.

Now, instead of the usual eight limbs of my own children poking and prodding me, I had sixteen. At some point during the wee hours of the morning I moved to the couch. Shortly after, my older son decided to join me. Followed by my little guy. Thankfully, they fell asleep for a bit longer. Sadly, I did not.

All of the kids were up and running by 7 a.m. despite getting only half of the sleep that their little bodies needed. We fed them chocolate chip pancakes, broke up a few cranky-because-I-didn’t-get-enough-sleep-and-probably-had-too-many-chocolate-chips quarrels, and enjoyed several large cups of coffee (my friend and I, NOT the kids).

We stuck around until noon despite my guys begging me to stay longer (because, clearly eighteen hours together was not enough).

When we got home I told the boys that they had to try to rest, as we had another busy night planned. I fed them (again! geesh, these kids sure do eat a lot) and told them to snuggle on the couch. My older son admitted that he was tired, but never took a nap. My younger one succumbed.

Three days later I have yet to recover.


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