Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, June 22nd – June 24th, 2018 - Kid 101

Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, June 22nd – June 24th, 2018

Bubble Run

There’s just not anything that’s going to offer more fun this weekend than the ever-popular Bubble Run over at the Texas Motor Speedway. This hilariously silly run sends adults, kids and strollers running, walking, dancing, and playing across 3 miles of absolute fun. You start out by running through a “bubble bog” where there is enough colored foam to cover your white t-shirt clad body from head to toe. After every kilometer and at the finish line, runners will again be blasted by foam cannons. You needn’t worry about the foam being accidently ingested or otherwise sampled by the youngin’s, it’s 100% non-toxic and safe. After you cross the finish line as a colorful mess, you can stick around to Jam out and dance to the DJ’s, get some free swag and get ready to get a serious dose of extra foam! Registration is $50.00 per person, and kids under 4 get in for free.

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 at 8:00 am at Texas Motor Speedway, 3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth


Phone: 505-992-7600

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