Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids This Weekend, Feb 15th — Feb 17th, 2019 - Kid 101

Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids This Weekend, Feb 15th — Feb 17th, 2019


Scots Festival & International Highland Games XXVI

The Queen Mary is pleased to welcome back the annual ScotsFestival& International Highland Games XXVI on

When: Saturday, February 16, 2019, and Sunday, February 17, 2019, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at

Where: The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802.


Eighty-eight years ago, in the quaint seaside town of Clydebank, Scotland, construction began on the Queen Mary. Exemplifying the finest craftsmanship of the country, the Queen Mary’s heritage is celebrated throughout the two-day ScotsFestival honouring Scottish culture. Experience the rich culture and history of Scotland first hand through an array of authentic activities, athletics, dancing, entertainment and cuisine, paying homage to the Queen Mary’s Scottish legacy.ScotsFestival honours nearly fifty Scottish clans & vendors throughout the weekend with professional and amateur competitions in piping, drumming, massed bands, darts, Highland dancing, and the brand new North American Professional Highland athletics. The Scottish Highland Games, a precursor to today’s Olympic Games, were designed to test the strength, skill, and technique of ancient warriors through face-offs. With falconry, sheep herding and a large array of other activities, guests will have a culture at every turn! Whisky tasting sessions with aged malt experts are available for adult festivalgoers while the wee laddies& lassies can bear witness to Queen Mary’s coronation, knighting ceremonies, and even take part in the Wee Highland games. The Queen Mary wants you to truly immerse yourself in the culture of the Scots. Come and experience the amazing entertainment filled with professional athletes, dancers, and reenactments! Look no further for traditional Scottish foods than Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival. With everything from traditional meat pies, Haggis, Scottish eggs, scones and more, you will not leave without having to loosen your kilt! General admission is $ 25 for adult and $ 12 for children.

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