Things to do with kids in Los Angeles this weekend, March 15th – 17th, 2019 + BONUS St. Patrick's Day Activities - Kid 101

Things to do with kids in Los Angeles this weekend, March 15th – 17th, 2019 + BONUS St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Butterfly Pavilion

Butterflies are taking flight at the

Natural History Museum, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, California and will be here


September 2, 2019 at various times.

Butterflies are taking flight at NHMLA! Get up close to beautiful butterflies in our new Butterfly Pavilion. This seasonal exhibit — located outside on the south side of the Museum — features more flight space, more resting spots, and more natural light. There will be hundreds of free-flying butterflies inside, and our awesome Gallery Interpreters who can explain why these animals are so special. The Butterfly Pavilion showcases hundreds of butterflies and the plants that surround them, an interaction that has been refined over the course of millions of years. See up close how butterflies use their tubular mouthparts to obtain nectar and witness caterpillars feed on leaves and go through the process of their transformation into adults. Various butterflies are present at different points during the season and the plants will grow and change. This means that each visit to the Butterfly Pavilion can be a different experience! Butterflies from Near and Far, Some butterflies in the exhibit mate and lay eggs, however we regularly fill the pavilion with butterflies from all across the United States. 20 species of California natives such as the queen butterfly, mourning cloak, and buckeye. 10 species of subtropical varieties from south Florida and Texas, such as the malachite and the grey cracker. COST: $ 5 in addition to admission fee

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